Green endeavors

Green endeavors

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KW Luxury - Making waves float into the future in solar-powered pods for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 061522

The sleek, emissions-free Pearlsuite is here to revolutionize seaside hospitality.
Resembling something out of a science fiction film, these fully autonomous floating vessels give travelers a chance to relish in modern comforts while immersing themselves in azure waters.
Will you board this $300,000 solar-powered suite? 

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Go green building for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 042018

Energy Efficient Housing Found in Boca Raton

Whether you’re living in one of the country club neighborhoods or one of our many high rise condominiums, your home may be on the brink of extinction when it comes to energy efficiency. Today’s green-friendly design/build process entails more to the eye than one can see whether we’re talking recycled materials or solar power. If you’ve been in the market for luxury property where environmental design is top of your wish list, then continue reading for more information.

Buying a home in one of the most sought-after communities in Palm Beach County can often be challenging. However, if you’re someone who has a passion for energy conservation, you can narrow down your search by the type of builder, the

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Going green in Boca Raton for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 071717

Homeowners are Buying More Time for Mother Earth

Conserving energy is an important topic these days. While many new homes are being built, some existing properties are beginning to take a deeper dive when it comes to going green. Boca Raton is an area that is widely popular amongst luxury markets, and when housing is on the forefront, many of our buyers are developing a clear conscious seeking the smart way to improve and save energy. In this week’s blog, we discuss how some of the great properties are designed to maximize and conserve.

Leaning Toward an Overabundance and Not a Shortage

When it comes to green living, there’s an overabundance of things you can do to adhere to being more earth conscious. Furthermore, if you want your children

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Boca Raton gardening for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 042817

Ways to Use Gardening to Beautify Your Home

No one can deny, when it comes to the Treasure Coast, the landscape is stunning. In fact, this time of year the flowers are fully in bloom, and Boca Raton is decorated nicely for the season. Tropical foliage and exotic plants aren’t only a part of the scenery; this is what gives your home both character by beautifying with aesthetically pleasing exterior designs. In this week’s blog, we discuss a plethora of gardening topics to pique your interest whether you have a green or a brown thumb. Get ready to put on your ‘Digz’ and break out your home gardening tools while we start digging into ways to garnish the outdoors.

Why Garden?

No matter if you are looking to buy or sell, one thing you can count on

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Tesla Power RoofHow Do You Get a Solar Roof that Looks Better than a Regular Roof?
If you are living in a place such as Boca Raton, you’re somewhat used to hot weather. However, when it comes to record-breaking temperatures that are used for data each year to measure the global greenhouse effect, you may not think that the heat is just nature taking its course. While there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure you’re doing your part to conserve energy, Tesla has found an innovative way that goes above the average efficiency. Their solar tiles are preserving power with their latest invention, and it extends beyond just the functionality. In this week’s blog, we highlight how this technology will work and why you should think about switching to solar tiles.

When it

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Boca Raton a healty place for Luc Andriot blog 111416

When it comes to health and fitness, Boca Raton is a community that revels in eating well, exercising and holistic living. Could it be possible that so many people who move here are looking for the opportunity to live long and live the good life? For people looking to buy a home, finding one where there are activity and lifestyles that provide longevity of well-being seem to be common amongst those who are in the luxury markets. In this blog, we will show you multiple examples of why Boca Raton and the neighboring areas are ideal destinations for people seeking to live well and be happy.

In just about every luxury condominium found in Boca Raton, you’ll also find an athletic center, swimming pools and a multitude of places to promote your health.

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solar panels florida While the government is seeking new ways to improve our environment, businesses such as Florida Power and Light continue to do the same. When you live in any of our country clubs or luxury condominiums you can rest assure they are doing things to improve and be eco-friendlier. This week’s blog uncovers more details where businesses and homeowners are doing their part.    If you’re currently living in an estate without solar power or some other form of renewable energy, one thing you can do is to turn your home into a smart one. You can do this by contacting a dealer in the area who specializes in home automation systems. While most people think of these devices to control features such as lighting and security, they also lower your energy bill…
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 Green Friendly Boca Raton
Look around and you can see the effort being made to make the Boca Raton community more environmentally friendly. Everything from businesses, colleges and the city itself are constantly looking for ways to ensure a cleaner planet.
Many of our luxury condominium properties are also jumping on the eco-friendly train. Properties such as 200 East Condos and Boca Towers have taken specific measures to do their share.

Environmental problems are prevalent in today's world. These continue to be a complex and difficult to solve. Agenda's with water conservation, chemicals contaminating our waters and erosion are all a part of the many issues we face. The dilemmas will become greater for future generations if everyone ignores the obvious warning signs. This is

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the green planet

” We hope these actions serve as inspiration to other large events and a blueprint for how environmental sustainability goals can be achieved.”  Nancy Jones - CMO Allianz Life

As many of you know and are well aware, our planet is under a great deal of stress from the many pollutants and unnatural elements that are delivered into our air, water, and land. Since there’s no “Mulligan” with our earth, it only makes sense that we are to care for our environment using the best way practices. We only get one chance, our ball is currently in play, the 12th annual Allianz Championship held at Broken Sound aims to build an awareness for a better planet. The PGA Tournament begins February 1st, ending on the 7th, in 2016. Green awareness can be found by the

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