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Mad for Metal Chrome Makes A Cozy Comeback for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 040424

Is chrome finally making a comeback? Writer Emma Apple Chozick describes seeing chrome accents everywhere on a recent trip to Scandinavia.
But how do you take this industrial metal and soften it up for a modern look?
Architectural Digest has the answers.

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Design Features That Enhance Smaller Spaces  for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 031124

Transitioning to a smaller living space doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort and style. Intelligent design can transform a modest dwelling into a seemingly expansive and functional home.

Explore these 3 design elements to embrace and 2 to avoid for enhancing small living spaces:

1. Incorporate Built-in Shelving: Not only does this feature increase storage options, but it also draws the gaze upward, creating an illusion of height and space.

2. Embrace Flexible, Multipurpose Areas: Utilizing rooms for multiple functions is a savvy way to make every inch count, offering a practical solution to limited square footage.

3. Install Windows High on Walls: Placing windows higher facilitates the entrance of natural light while fostering an airy

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March 2024 - Jean-Luc Andriot - Blog Post Image for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 030124

When you've lived somewhere for many years, it can be tough to say goodbye. But if you (or a loved one) currently have a home that is bigger than necessary or is too high maintenance, it may be time to trade unused square footage for a smaller, more manageable space.

Take it from the downsizers who’ve been there: Although living small might require some adjustments, it can also be liberating––especially if you're in a stage of life where past responsibilities have given way to new possibilities and adventures.

In fact, many downsizers report feeling invigorated by the change, according to real estate journalist and author Sheri Koones. “It scares people to think of moving into a smaller space,” said Koones to the Associated Press. “But every

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Serene Sanctuaries Inspiration For Designing Your Very Own Relaxation Room for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 021624

Relaxation rooms are meticulously designed to embody tranquility and calmness, aiming to ward off burnout. They serve as sanctuaries that effortlessly merge indoor comfort with the essence of nature, thanks to their harmonious color schemes and versatile designs that accommodate restful activities like yoga and meditation.
These havens are outfitted with advanced amenities such as intelligent lighting solutions, high-quality sound systems, and acoustics engineered to enhance serenity.
Together, these elements synergize to cultivate an atmosphere where peace and quietude are not just occasional visitors but permanent residents, ensuring anyone who enters can find a refuge tailored to fostering a state of deep relaxation.

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February 2024 - Jean-Luc Andriot - Blog Post Image for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 020224

One of the best parts of owning a home is the freedom to make it truly your own with design choices that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Whether you lean toward contemporary design or a farmhouse aesthetic, your home is your canvas.

Even so, it’s always smart to think about the long-term impact those decisions might have on your home’s value. Choosing over-personalized or unpopular materials and finishes could make your home less appealing to future buyers. And selecting out-of-style or overly-trendy elements could cause your home to feel dated quickly.

To help inspire your design choices, we’ve rounded up some of the top trends we’re watching in 2024. Keep in mind, not all of these will work well in every house. If you plan to list or

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Brown Is Back The Return Of Everyone's Favorite Cozy Color for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 111623

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, trends come and go, but one timeless hue has made a triumphant return – brown. There’s no question about it, brown is back! 
Once overshadowed by bolder shades, brown is reclaiming its place as a versatile and sophisticated choice for home decor. Though not a star on its own, browwn works extremely well in getting other hues to pop.
This earth tone also instantly grounds any space and provides a feeling of warmth and calm. Here are some of the most popular brown paint colors designers are raving about right now! Far from being a wallflower, brown has proven itself to be a true team player, enhancing the vibrancy of other hues while bringing a sense of grounding warmth to any space.

Designers are singing

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November 2023 - Jean-Luc Andriot - 35 Tips to Furnish Your New Home for Less for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 110123

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting experiences in life. And if you’re like most homebuyers, you’ll be planning your furniture placement and decor before the ink dries on your offer letter.

But before you run to the nearest home goods store, take a deep breath. First, you’ll need to delay any major purchases before you close on your new home. A large outlay or additional line of credit could lower your credit score and, thus, impact your mortgage terms.1 Second, moving and closing costs can add up quickly, so it’s important to be strategic with your remaining budget.

But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to save on home essentials, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites to share with you.


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Book Bliss Inspiration for Creating a Fabulous Reading Nook  for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 081723

Whether you’re the type of person who gets lost in a novel for hours or just someone who likes to flip through the pages of the latest magazine, a warm, inviting reading nook is always a great place to settle in and cozy up.

In our fast-paced and digitally-driven world, finding solace in the pages of a book is a precious escape. Whether you're a bibliophile who can lose track of time in a gripping novel, or someone who enjoys flipping through the glossy pages of magazines, a cozy and inviting reading nook can become your personal haven. It's the place where imagination takes flight and relaxation reigns supreme. So, let's delve into the art of crafting the perfect reading space in your home, where every corner exudes comfort and charm.


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The Hidden Costs of Home Renovation for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 072823

Home renovations can breathe new life into our living spaces and add value to our homes. However, the excitement of transforming our living space can sometimes overshadow the hidden costs that might catch us off guard. In addition to the expected expenses like materials and labor, there are several often overlooked factors that can impact your budget.
Let's dive into some of these hidden costs of a home renovation and how you can prepare for them:

1. Insurance Costs: One of the most overlooked aspects of a home renovation is the impact it can have on your insurance coverage. Extensive renovations can increase the replacement value of your home, and failing to update your insurance policy accordingly can leave you underinsured. Moreover, some

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