Hurricane information

Hurricane information

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Tips for Boca Raton Property Owners and Seasonal Dwellers

While some of you are heading to your summer homes a little early because of the Coronavirus, there may be a few left deciding to stay longer. The month of April is hotter this year than previously, but still some cooler days and pleasant weather with a drier season. Besides the weather, you may look to head back home and need the snowbird checklist for post-winter dwellings, giving you a boost of needed organization. These tips are for Boca Raton condo owners and seasonal dwellers.

Make an appointment with the HVAC Service 
* Contact FPL 
* Patio Do’s and Dont’s 
* Remind Your Neighbors and HOA Managers You are Leaving 
* Secure Your Property
* Clean Out Fridge and Cupboards 
* Wrap Clothing to

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After-Hurricane Information You’ll Need After Dorian Blows Over

With a Cat-5 hurricane on the cusp of our heels, we’re all a little anxious. That anxiety seems to almost triple after seeing the devastation in the Bahamas, but when you choose to buy homes in tropical climates you learn to live with the possibilities. However bad the storm may be, Floridians will do what they can to rebuild and recover. We’ve put together some information for our homeowners you may need post-hurricane Dorian if you live in Boca Raton, Florida.

The City of Boca Raton Website is An Excellent Source for Info Such as Assisting Seniors

Another excellent source for information, including how to assist people such as senior citizens post-Dorian, would be the city of

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Knowledge is Power, and You'll Need this Info in Case Your Lights Go Out

As many of you know, Florida's hurricane season is now in full swing. While the ocean is busy warming up, so is our potential to identify with preparedness. Luxury condo homeowners have just as much responsibility when it comes to protecting their property as anyone else. While knowledge is Power, so is preparing for a storm event if you live in Boca Raton during 2019. Read on to learn more on how you can protect yourself and property in this year's 2019 hurricane season.

Know What Your Homeowner’s Insurance Covers for 2019

The first step to prepare for a hurricane or increment weather event is to read through and understand your insurance policy. You'll want to speak to

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Coastal Residents are Getting Prepared for an Active Hurricane Season

With the wake of Hurricane Florence shedding her aftermath including storm surge, flooding and more, Boca Ratonians are reminded of how vital it is to be prepared. Each year our agency strives to help our coastal residents to make for yet another active hurricane season. Read more to learn essential tips on how you can formulate a valuable game plan formulating best practices before a South Florida storm.

Peace of Mind Prior to Investing in Real Property in a Hurricane Zone

While many people looking to invest in property here may be curious what type of risk may be involved, knowledge is key for peace of mind. The good news is these storms have the potential to be dangerous

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Boca Ratonians Prepare To Protect Their Property Investment

While the rest of the nation may be ready for a barbeque, many Floridians are preparing for the first hurricane to make landfall. Even though Hurricane Alberto will be making landfall sometime today, it reminds us, to prepare & protect our property investment no matter what part of the season we may be facing. Here’s how some Boca Ratonians are preparing for another active hurricane season.

People living in Palm Beach County are stocking up on bottled water. Even though most Boca Raton residents will only be seeing rainfall, we remind you to stock up on things like bottled water. On the contrary to our part-time residents and snowbirds, this may not be the case. But, for those planning on

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Hurricane Season Sign for Luc Andriot blog 101016Hurricane safety in Boca Raton continues to be a focus for both town officials and property owners. The luxury real estate market has many resources at the fingertips to help them prepare for these types of events. This week's blog highlights some paramount information for homeowners to consider to play it safe!

With the recent brush with 'mother nature' and the near miss of category 4, Hurricane Matthew, many Floridians are taking this type of disaster a bit more severe. Our focus is in particular to people living in our luxury communities. With investments on the higher end, and hurricane season still current, these folks aren't taking any chances. Boca Raton offers a lot of valuable companies and services to assist people in preserving their homes

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