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Bubbly Britain. Why Southeast England Is A Wine Lover's Dream for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 022924

Southeast England, often celebrated for its lush landscapes and rich history, is emerging as a sparkling gem in the world of wine, particularly for its sparkling wine production. The region's secret lies beneath the surface, in its chalk-heavy soil, which is nearly identical to that of Champagne, France. This geological kinship allows Southeast England to produce sparkling wines that can rival their French counterparts in quality and complexity.

Despite being a relatively young and lesser-known wine region, Southeast England is quickly gaining recognition among wine enthusiasts and experts alike. Food & Wine magazine highlights the area's burgeoning wine scene as a compelling reason for oenophiles and casual wine lovers to visit. The region's

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At San Francisco’s renowned Pacific Cocktail Haven, the traditional Pimm’s Cup is getting a seasonal shake-up.
Though usually associated with spring and summer, this winterized version incorporates apple, baking spices, and other warming flavors.

In the heart of San Francisco, a city celebrated for its innovative spirit and culinary excellence, the Pacific Cocktail Haven stands as a beacon for cocktail enthusiasts seeking something beyond the ordinary. Known for its creative mixology and ability to transform traditional drinks into contemporary masterpieces, this renowned bar is once again at the forefront of cocktail culture with its latest offering: a winterized version of the classic Pimm’s Cup.

Traditionally, the Pimm’s Cup is a refreshment that

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Stone-built thousand-year-old hamlet with 335-acre organic wine farm and winery with cellar for sale in Castellina in Chianti, Siena Italy.
Castellina in Chianti is a commune of about 2,800 inhabitants in the province of Siena, in the Italian region Tuscany, located about 20 miles South of Florence and about 10 miles NW of Siena. It is part of the Chianti Hills, between the valleys of the Arbia, Pesa and Elsa rivers.
Perched on the hills of the prestigious Chianti Classico landscape, organic wine farm with an extension of 335 acres boasting 82 acres cultivated with vineyards with mainly Sangiovese vines coupled with international vines as Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc e Chardonnay.

For the past 40 years the current owners

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Do you love to make homemade bread for Jean-Luc Andriot blog

The Art of Homemade Bread: Elevating Your Loaves to Delicious Perfection

There's something undeniably magical about the process of making homemade bread. The scent of yeast, the satisfying kneading of dough, and the anticipation as it bakes to golden perfection in your oven can be truly captivating. For those of us who have fallen in love with the art of bread-making, we often seek ways to elevate our loaves to new levels of deliciousness. 

The Love Affair with Homemade Bread

Baking bread at home is not just about creating a delicious and nourishing staple; it's an experience that engages all your senses. The feeling of warm, elastic dough in your hands, the earthy aroma of fresh-baked bread filling your kitchen, and the joy of sharing a loaf

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The absolute best coffee makers of the moment for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 070623

There’s no question that the perfect coffee maker is an essential for any kitchen. But what “perfect” means is different for everyone. Are you a coffee enthusiast looking to elevate your brewing game?

A coffee maker that grinds its owns beans? How about one that can do drip and espresso? Whether you prefer a classic cup of joe or a specialty brew, these machines will deliver the perfect coffee experience. 

Thankfully, Architectural Digest has compiled a list of the best coffee makers of the moment no matter how you take it!

Here is a list of the absolute best coffee makers that are making waves in the coffee community right now.

Let's dive in!

Read on

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Chill out 8 sensational recipes for chilled soup for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 062123The last thing you might think to serve at a dinner party this time of year is soup, but chilled soups add a surprising twist to any summer menu.
From zippy gazpacho to chilled ramen, these recipes from The Gourmet Insider will make sure you stay cool on those warm summer nights.

When we think of soup, our minds often wander to cozy sweaters, chilly weather, and the comforting feeling of warm liquid nourishing our bodies. However, just because the summer months bring soaring temperatures doesn't mean we have to bid farewell to the delightful world of soups. Enter cold soups—refreshing, vibrant, and packed with flavors that are perfect for beating the heat. While you may be familiar with a few classic recipes, prepare to be amazed by the diverse range

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If you’re planning a soirée to kick off the official start of summer this weekend, your guests will absolutely go wild over these refreshing (and boozy) margarita popsicles!

Such a fantastic twist on a classic cocktail.

When it comes to refreshing summer treats, nothing beats the combination of zesty lime, tangy tequila, and a touch of sweetness. Margaritas have long been a popular choice among cocktail enthusiasts, and now, they've taken on a whole new form: margarita popsicles. These frozen delights offer a delightful twist on the classic cocktail, bringing together the flavors you love in a convenient and refreshing format. Let's dive into the world of margarita popsicles and discover why they are the perfect addition to any summer gathering.

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Cinco de Mayo is a beloved holiday celebrated all across the United States and the Boca Raton area, Florida is no exception. This festive occasion commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.
In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the Boca Raton area.

Taco Friday

What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with tacos? At the popular Mexican restaurant Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar, Taco Tuesday is always a big hit. On Cinco de Mayo, they'll be offering drink specials and a festive atmosphere to get you in the spirit.
Visit Rocco's Tacos' website for more information:

Cinco de Mayo with La Tribu Royal at

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How to perfectly pair orange wine for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 042123

While orange wine has been around for thousands of years, it’s only recently made its way into bars, restaurants, soirées.
It’s custom to pair white wine with lighter fare and reds with more substantial dishes, so how to compliment orange wine remains a mystery to most.
Not anymore.
The Gourmet Insider speaks to the experts and tells us exactly how to perfectly pair these delicious and versatile wines.

As a former chef, a former restaurateur on the Upper East Side in Manhattan called Trois-Jean and wine connaisseur, orange wine, also known as skin-contact wine, is becoming increasingly popular among wine lovers. This type of wine is made by leaving white grapes in contact with their skins for an extended period, giving the wine its distinctive orange

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