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Sell a home

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January 2024 - MVP - New Year, New Home for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 012624"

Buying a home in 2024? Here are 5 steps to take now.
We can help you get started with a free consultation.

1. Check your credit score
2. Shop for a mortgage
3. Set a budget
4. Make a list of the features you care about most
5. Find a real estate agent you trust

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October 2023 - Jean-Luc Andriot - Real Estate Term Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 101323

Only real estate agents can add properties to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) — and there are major benefits to having your home listed.

Visibility to buyer’s agents.
Since the MLS includes more detailed and up-to-date information than online aggregators like Zillow, real estate agents use it to find potential homes for their clients.

More qualified potential buyers.
Because the MLS is used by buyer’s agents, you’re more likely to draw in serious shoppers — not just curious onlookers.

Placement on more listing websites.
MLS listings are automatically syndicated on hundreds of real estate websites, which means greater exposure for your home.

If you work with us to sell your home, we’ll place your listing on the MLS, but that’s only the

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September 2023 - Jean-Luc Andriot - Blog Post Image_1

Not long ago, home sellers were in their heyday, as historically-low mortgage rates triggered a real estate buying frenzy. However, the Federal Reserve shut down the party when it began raising interest rates last year.1

Now, it’s not as simple to sell a home. While pandemic-era homebuyers were racing the clock—trying to lock in a low mortgage rate and gain a foothold in the market—current buyers are more discerning. Higher prices and mortgage rates have pushed their limits of affordability, leading them to prioritize cost, condition, and overall value.2

The reality is, home inventory remains low, so most properties will still sell with some basic prep, the right price, and a good real estate agent. But owners who go the extra mile are more likely

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July 2023 - Jean-Luc Andriot - Blog Post Image for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 070723

Does your current home no longer serve your needs?

If so, you may be torn between relocating to a new home or renovating your existing one. This can be a difficult choice, and there’s a lot to consider—including potential costs, long-term financial implications, and quality of life.

A major remodel can be a major commitment. From hiring contractors to selecting materials to managing a budget, it can take a tremendous amount of time and energy—not to mention the ordeal of living through construction or relocating to a temporary residence.

On the other hand, moving is notoriously taxing. In fact, in one survey, 40% of respondents viewed buying a new home as ”the most stressful event in modern life.”1

So which is the better option for you?

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June 2023 - Jean-Luc Andriot - 5 Benefits of Homeownership for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 062623Owning your own home is a huge accomplishment — and it also comes with significant benefits. As a real estate agent in beautiful Boca Raton, FL, I understand the allure of homeownership. Owning a home offers numerous advantages that go beyond the simple satisfaction of having a place to call your own. In this blog, I'll highlight five key benefits of homeownership.

Building Wealth: 
When you invest in a home, you're not just buying a place to live; you're also building wealth over time. Unlike renting, where your monthly payments contribute to someone else's mortgage, owning a home allows you to build equity. As you make mortgage payments, you gradually increase your ownership stake, giving you a valuable asset that can appreciate in value over the

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May 2023 - Jean-Luc Andriot - Boomers Buy the Most Homes for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 050823

As the baby boomer generation enters retirement age, they are now the largest generation of home buyers and sellers. Baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, have a significant impact on the real estate market. In this blog post, we will explore why baby boomers are dominating the housing market and what this means for the future of real estate. 

One reason why baby boomers are the largest generation of home buyers and sellers is simply due to their size. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are currently around 73 million baby boomers in the United States, making up about one-quarter of the population. As a result, their impact on the housing market is significant.

Another reason why baby boomers are dominating the housing market is that

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Wondering how the roller coaster ride of the real estate market has affected the value of your home? 

Don’t get too excited (or worried) about your home’s Zestimate or the value you find on another online calculator. While these tools can give you a sense of whether prices in your area are trending up or down, when it comes to individual homes, they can miss the mark.

As more and more people turn to the internet for everything from shopping to researching, it's no surprise that online home value calculators have become a popular tool for homeowners and prospective buyers. However, while these calculators can be a convenient and quick way to get an estimate of your home's value, it's important to understand their limitations and not rely solely on

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November 2022 - Jean-Luc Andriot - Home Pricing Sweet Spot for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 111522

Have you watched homes on your street sell for sky-high prices in the past few years? It’s tempting to aim high when it comes time to sell your home—but proceed with caution.

The market is adapting to rising mortgage rates, and homes simply aren’t selling as fast. Unfortunately, the longer a home is listed, the more buyers’ concerns begin to grow.
Of course, you also don’t want to sell your home for less than it’s worth.
That’s why it’s important to work with a local market expert. We know the ins and outs of the local real estate market and what buyers are willing to pay today.
The good news? If you’ve been in your home for several years, you are likely to have a sizable amount of equity. That means you stand to make a tidy profit.

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November 2022 - Jean-Luc Andriot - Blog Post Image for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 110222

Over the past few years, a real estate buying frenzy bid up home prices to eye-popping amounts. However, as mortgage rates have risen, buyer demand has cooled. 1 Consequently, home sellers who enter the market today may need to reset their expectations.

The reality is, it’s no longer enough to stick a “for sale” sign in the yard and wait for buyers to bang down the door. If you want to net the most money possible for your property in today’s market, you’ll need an effective game plan and a skilled team of professionals to implement it.

Fortunately, we’ve developed a listing strategy that combines our proven approach to preparation, pricing, and promotion—all designed to help you get top dollar for your home. But you will play an important role in

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