Delray Beach: Downtown

Delray Beach: Downtown

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Whether you’re living here full time, thinking about migrating to the area or are a visitor, you’ll find a large variety of activities and entertainment. While the weather is heating up, and the rain season moves out, the months during spring and summer are incredible for outdoor fun. Besides the outdoor recreation, you can count on more indoor events as well, and Boca Raton is a hub for both. Both our city and the rest of Palm Beach County will be 'hopping' this May and if you’re looking for something to do, then keep on reading!

Boca Raton Recreation Spaces Offer Tons of Activity

Parks and Recreation are among the busiest places throughout Palm Beach County during this time of year. Places such as Sugar Sand Park (Boca Raton), Burt Aaronson Park

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Art Attractions, Walkable Neighborhoods and So Much More

Delray Beach is one of the most desirable luxury destinations and home to local and international talent. As a coastal town, the downtown Delray Beach district is a premier destination to be admired and cherished. The city is full of elegant and casual dining, it’s minutes to the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean, and it’s one of the most beautiful cities in South Florida. In this blog, we highlight some features living in Downtown Delray Beach.

People migrate year-around in the City of Delray Beach

People migrate year-round in the city and come from around the globe to enjoy the fabulous vibes found no matter where you’re walking at the famous Atlantic Avenue. If you’re looking to have

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Wine tasting in Delray Beach

When it comes to wine country not many people know Delray Beach is a place where you can sip world-renowned collections as well as learn about the families and histories that create them. There’s one location where they host events for you to explore full-bodied Merlots to Buttery Chardonnays without ever leaving the state. In this week’s blog, we highlight Burly Vineyards as well as Peju Napa Valley Winery to introduce one of South Florida’s intriguing venues known as The Wine Wave.

Whether you’re a serious collector or someone who just enjoys a casual glass of fermented concoctions, your perfect selection is a matter of preference. Once the palette is tickled by the joy of grapes or other fruits, it will seemingly

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City Walk Pineapple Grove Click here to see details of this luxury condominium:

Delray Beach is a small town that sits between Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. This is area is diverse and you'll find whether you're an emerging artist or a well-known capitol investor you'll be proud to call this home.  The property sitting on top of the fourth floor has more than what meets the eye, as this is a neighborhood that's vibrant and full of life.  Mysterious nightclubs, extraordinary dining and a culturally rich following can be found on the streets below.  An ideal destination for executives and people seeking second or vacation homes. It's not for everyone. But it is for those wanting urban living with a laid back attitude, surrounded by high living.

"The Avenue" is known for

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Pineapple Grove City Walk

The land of Delray Beach was once called home by fisherman and farmers. Pineapple crops had once sweetened the air and the town's history reveals its many stories of the town’s popularity among artists, cartoonists and writers from the 1920's.

Today Delray Beach has grown to a population over 65,000 and it continues to pique the interest of a highly sophisticated residents. The average age of the residents is forty-seven, the town continues to attract an eclectic crowd that’s got an eye for the finer things in life.  What you’ll find here is Mediterranean style villas with craftsmanship of the highest quality.  One location that you’ll find to be an exceptional fit complimentary to this small town is that of Pineapple Grove Condominiums. The luxury

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