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Trending Holiday Ideas for Your Boca Raton Property

November is the onset of the holiday season, and with Rosh Chodesh Kislev, Thanksgiving, and all the pre-holiday events, people are starting to decorate their Boca Raton luxury homes and condominiums. As a matter of fact, just about every retail store is crowding with displays for the consumer to be current. We’ve found some Holiday Décor and Trends Ideas you might like for your property to be ahead of the rush.

The Z Gallerie at Mizner Park Picks the Color Schemes

Next, a BocaRatonian favorite shopping place would be Z Gallerie found in Mizner Park. The Home Décor retailer offers a beautiful selection of ornaments, trees, and entertaining items. From modern and contemporary to more

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Creating Minimalist Interior Designing for Your Boca Raton Condo

We’ve all heard the term “Less is more.” When it comes to home décor, and interior designing creating a minimalist environment is not only chic, it’s also soothing. Getting rid of clutter is liberating, and if you’re looking to sell your Boca Raton condo, you’ll need to start with some simple housekeeping purging the Knick knacks and such. This week’s article presents a laser focus toward this concept getting you and your home ready for pre-sale.

Elegance without Clutter

Simple living is a lifestyle where people disengage from material things or social media. However, when it comes to home décor, the minimalist lifestyle is more tangible. Clean is elegant without a bunch of

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Most new homeowners have something about their property that they want to change. And as family needs and design trends shift over time, many will eventually choose to remodel. Some homeowners make updates to their property before listing it to maximize their potential sale price.

Whatever your reasons are for taking on a home improvement project, it’s wise to consider how the money you invest will impact your home’s value.

We’ve taken a look at six popular home renovations and identified those that—on average—have the best and worst returns on investment. So before you lift a hammer or hire a contractor, take a look at this list and see if your remodeling efforts will reward you when it comes time to sell.



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Urban Farm Style is Sweeping the Nation along with the Boca Raton Community

If you were to ask any of our interior designer friends, “What is Urban Farm Styling,” they would most likely reply with “The cutting-edge of home interior designing.” This style includes elements such as natural stone and repurposed wood #RepurposedWood to subway tiling #SubwayTiling on backdrops and flooring. However, there’s so much more to the rustic look for your Boca Raton Condo. However, is it right for you? Take a read through this week’s blog and learn a more about the fashionable look. The style is sweeping the nation as well as our community.

The Palette of Urban Farm Design is Ideal for Boca Raton Residence

At first glance, the urban farm style conveys an

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Best Flooring Solutions for the Boca Raton Home

Flooring can help enhance any home's interior design whether you select a Pergola, bamboo or tile. However, the type of flooring you choose can tell a lot about your personality. One thing you'll notice from our many home listings is the lack of carpet throughout most properties. When it comes to carpet, you'll quickly realize most of the luxury houses and condos eliminate this finish. Perhaps when it comes to selection, it might be the practicality or is the homeowner showing their 'practical' side? In this week's article, we'll demonstrate some of Boca Raton's best flooring solutions for you to consider and what this material says about you.

Don’t Follow Every Flooring Trend

To start, we might

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Refresh, Regroup, Remodel Keys to Selling Your Home in Today’s Market

While the pricing for luxury homes and condos may be going up, and the inventory slowly increasing, the sales are going down leaving more of a buyer’s market. However, as the prices continue to rise along with the inventory, so does the longevity for a listing. You can expect to see many of the luxury single-family and condos on the market longer than 180-days due to the influx of the market. However, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you sell your home sooner by refreshing, regrouping and remodeling. In today’s luxury market, we need all the ammo we can get to sell faster. Read on to learn more.

Tip 1: Pay Attention to Your Bathroom for a Faster Home Sale


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If you are a current homeowner, or in the market to buy, you’re probably curious about the latest trends in home design.

Sellers who make strategic updates before listing a property can generate increased interest from buyers and, in some cases, a premium selling price. And buyers should consider which features of a home will need updating immediately (or in the near future) so they can factor renovation costs into their overall budget.

Even if you have no immediate plans to buy or sell, we advise our clients to be thoughtful about the colors, materials, and finishes they select when planning a remodel. Making over-personalized or unpopular design choices could hurt a home’s value when it does come time to sell. And selecting out-of-style or

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Boca Raton Luxury Market and Real Estate Selling Tips for this Year’s Buyer

This year’s buyer is looking for some updates when it comes to interior design. However, there are more measures you can take if you’re selling a home in the luxury market. This year’s trends include a practical approach when it comes to textiles, color, and material. But, renovations for Baby Boomer homes are becoming more prevalent as well. If you’re looking for tips on how to sell your luxury property in this year’s market, look at our blog which will give you some realistic ideas that work for Boca Raton real estate.

While most of the housing in the South Florida area has been exploding with millennials’ buying their first homes, the luxury and high-end real estate

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Properties currently available for sale with a fireplace in Boca Raton

Home Decor That Sparks A Fiery Passion

While many people may not think of Boca Raton and fireplaces in the same sentence, you’ll learn that’s just a bunch of combustion! In fact, what you’ll find is an allure in this Palm Beach County town as well as anywhere in the country. This type of home décor sparks a fiery passion no matter where you live. Read this article to learn more about the magic of fireplaces and how they’re ‘blazing-cool’ within the luxury housing market even in Florida!

Sitting Around the Fireplace is One of the Oldest Past Times

No matter if it’s a warm evening or a cold one, a fireplace can create a welcoming spot for people to gather around with an

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