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Using plants as décor is a great way to add a little color and a natural, bright feel to any room. There are endless types of plants to choose from and various ways to display each one, but here are a few of our favorite combinations.

  1. Geometric pots. Find geometric pots or planters of various sizes and plant small succulents of different styles and colors in each one. Then group a few pots together on a window sill or shelf or use them individually to adorn a side table or center of the dining room table.
  2. Long, hanging plants. Purchase a larger, draping plant-like eucalyptus, fern, or ivy and hang it from the ceiling using a macramé plant hanger or place it on a high shelf or ladder. These plants are perfect for the corner of your living room
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Looking for ways to maximize your home’s sales price or appreciation potential?

Here are 5 simple DIY upgrades that add function, beauty, and real value to your home.

Video - July 2020 - Jean-Luc Andriot - Add Value To Your Home With These 9 DIY Improvements

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Whether you’re prepping your house to go on the market or looking for ways to maximize its long-term appreciation, these nine home improvement projects are great ways to add function, beauty, and real value to your home.

The best part is, once you’ve secured the materials, most of these renovations can be completed over the course of a weekend. And they don’t require a lot of specialized skills or experience. So grab your toolbox, then get ready to boost your home’s appeal AND investment potential!

1. Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Landscaping improvements can increase a home’s value by 10-12%.1 But which outdoor features do buyers care about most? According to a survey of Realtors, a healthy lawn is at the top of their list. If your lawn is

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You’ve got more options than ever when mattress shopping these days with no shortage of brick-and-mortar and online-only retailers to choose from. Here are the factors you should consider when you’re shopping for a perfect night’s sleep.

Mattress construction: The most popular mattress types are inner spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and adjustable air mattresses. Each has pros and cons when it comes to durability and comfort customization.

Firmness: Mattress firmness plays a huge role in the quality of your sleep. Mattresses that are too firm or too soft can cause aches and pains, so it's recommended that you test a mattress for 10- to 15 minutes in store before making a purchase

Sleeping position: Your mattress should match your

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Inside Boca Raton Closets

Today’s closet space is one of life’s little wonders. What used to be a place to store your clothing and shoes is now a modern classic feature in most South Florida upscale homes. Look at these incredible Boca Raton closets that are now part of oceanside living along the coast.

Coastal Chic Homes Offer Large Walk-in Closets
With high-rise penthouses and country club properties, you can almost bet on some additional pampering. Many of the listings offer coastal chic homes where large walk-in closets are considered wardrobes and sometimes offer full size rooms for a homeowner’s collection. You can almost bet on a variety of storage spaces like shoe racks and places to hang your clothes. But today’s modern closets include

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Home Office Space Ideas Keeping You Safe with Style and Productivity

While the rest of the country is in lockdown, many homeowners are finding themselves working from home in Boca Raton, Florida. Just because you brought the office life to your residence doesn’t mean you can’t have a home office space that keeps you safe with style. Look at these fantastic ways to turn your safe place into a luxurious haven. 
Sources for Home Office Decor
Since many stores are closed, you may have to find creative outlets to get materials for your office space projects. The sources can be stores such as The Home Depot or Lowe’s and Walmart that carries a variety of plants, containers and other items that will make your workspace cozy. For instance, you can load up on

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Whether you’re planning a simple refresh or a full-scale renovation, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in home design. Sellers who make tasteful updates can generate increased buyer interest and, in some cases, a premium selling price. And buyers should consider which features of a home will need updating immediately (or in the near future) so they can factor renovation costs into their overall budget.

Photo by Rethink Design Studio - Browse living room ideas  

Even if you have no immediate plans to buy or sell, we advise our clients to be thoughtful about the colors, materials, and finishes they select when planning a remodel, or even redecorating. Choosing over-personalized or unpopular options could hurt a home’s

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Color Your World with the Latest Paint Ideas for Your Luxury Condominium

Last year, the paint trends went from muted pastels and bold blues. This year residents are selecting multiple colors for their luxury condominium. Read on to learn what the Boca Raton Paint Trends are for 2020 that will color your world. 

Grand Millenial Style is Trending for 2020

Elle, Houzz and a ton of other magazines are teasing homeowners with tons of style and the paint is making a real comeback with many of their suggestions. The 2020 paint trends seem to head into a million directions. The latest trend titles as the "Grandmillenial". The younger generation blends with the older bringing in antiques blending with modern surroundings. While it’s not for everyone,

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For most of us, our bedroom is little more than a place to sleep and relax. However, just because it’s always been that way doesn’t mean that we have to settle for drab and dreary.

One trend that’s gaining steam these days is converting your current bedroom into a luxury suite (or something comparable). If you want to live like you’re renting a room at the Ritz, then you want to follow these tips.

Compartmentalize Your Activities

Making your bedroom more functional is going to make it more luxurious. Add a gorgeous desk for working and a TV area for entertainment, and you’ll be living it up in no time.

Make it Chic

Choose a color palette that is both luxurious and classy. Silver and gold can seem tacky, so choose muted shades that

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Game-Changing Laundry Rooms for Boca Raton Homes

Over 20-years ago, you may not have given your laundry room a second thought. Today, our homeowners in the luxury sector are seeking designer spaces full of fresh designs and amenities. The laundry room seems to be a game-changing feature that will put our country club and penthouse homeowners over the edge. Here’s some fresh and clean ideas for you to wish list when buying a home.

Start Your Laundry Room Designing with Top-Grade Washer and Dryers

The washer and dryer pair you can’t live without would be front loaders. Brands such as LG and Samsung are incredible ways to clean your clothes, but many of these washers and dryer ensembles are energy star efficient and help conserve on your

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