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Best Practices when Selling Boca Raton Luxury Properties

If you’ve been contemplating hiring a professional and hold concern for the cost of working with an experienced professional, the uncertainty of working with an amateur appears as a bigger gamble. Real Estate best practices are not expensive when it comes to professionals and if you’re looking to sell your condominium or estate, working with your friend’s daughter might not be the best bet if she’s just gotten her license. Here are a few reasons you should consider working with an experienced realtor rather than trusting your luxury property to a novice.

Experienced Agents Have Endured Growing Pains

Frequently beginners get hired by smaller companies who may not offer all the tools a new

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Zero Plus Loans are Keller Williams Real Estate Best Weapon

When buying or refinancing real estate, Keller Mortgage will lower the costs and simplify the process. In most cases, agents are expecting homebuyers to get a pre-approval from a bank or mortgage company. The process includes waiting for the loan officer to find and locate the best fees with the least amount of interest to get the shopping underway. However, in some cases, the homeowners undergo a lengthy process costing them thousands of dollars in closing costs and more. The arsenal of tools for sellers may seem bleak during Boca Raton markets such as the luxury sector. But, fear not Mr or Mrs. Buyer the Keller Williams Zero Plus Loan is one of Boca Raton’s Best Real Estate Weapons where

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Tips and Ideas for Getting Settled into Your New Boca Raton Luxury Home

Whether you’re hosting a party for yourselves or someone else, a housewarming party is a unique tradition that is meant to thank those who helped along the way. It doesn’t matter if you throw a huge party or a small gathering, we’ve put together some excellent tips and ideas to help you get settled with a nice ‘pendaison de crémaillère’ (housewarming party). Read on to understand some inviting concepts on this age-old custom.

The Purpose of a Housewarming Party

While it may not seem necessary to some people, having a housewarming is one of the best ways accomplish important agendas to others. You may want to invite friends and family to come over and see your new address,

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November 2018 - Jean-Luc Andriot - Social Media ImageIt’s a common misconception that you shouldn’t try to buy or sell a home during the fall and winter months.

This is generally considered the “offseason” in real estate. Many sellers mistakenly believe that the cold weather will keep buyers away and that no one is looking over the holidays. Unfortunately, many real estate professionals perpetuate this myth by advising their clients to “wait until the spring” to list their home.

The truth is, homes are bought and sold year round. And while the market is typically quieter during the fall and winter, savvy buyers and sellers know how to use this slow down to their advantage. In fact, depending on your circumstances, now may be the ideal time for you to purchase or list a home.

If you’re in the market

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It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of buying a home. Once you’ve had an offer accepted on your dream house, you’ll probably be anxious to move in. However, before you make a significant financial commitment, it’s best to know exactly what you’re buying.

When you hire a home inspector, you get a professional, in-depth examination of the property’s structures and systems. It’s a worthwhile investment that can save you money in the long run, either by warning you away from a bad purchase or by providing a list of deficiencies you can use to negotiate with the sellers.

The inspector’s report will also list minor repairs that, if made, will help to maintain your home over the long term. Additionally, a good inspector can often predict the

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Secret Real Estate Selling Techniques Your Agent Knows

Selling a home or property can be challenging when you live in a place like Boca Raton. But, looking for the right buyers can be even more arduous in the luxury market. However, when you work with an experienced real estate agent who knows the secret selling techniques helps make the process move along with ease. This article reveals some “realtor code” where your confidence will become stronger knowing the professional you hired is successful when selling your Palm Beach County home or condominium.

1st Technique –

Seek Buyers Who Have the Right Portfolio. Your real estate agent is hot on the case when it comes to finding a homeowner who will carry the financial fitness necessary to buy

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If you’re in the market for a new home or investment property, one of the first questions you’ll probably ask is, “What can we afford?” Many buyers become so caught up in how much they can afford that they don’t realize their total buying power — that is, the total amount of purchasing potential they actually have.

Buying Power Defined

Your buying power is comprised of the total amount of money you have available each month for a mortgage payment. This means the money you have each month after fixed bills and expenses. Any money you’ve saved for a down payment, the proceeds from the sale of your current home, if applicable, and the amount of money you’re qualified to borrow all impact your buying power as well. When you take all of this into

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Many realtors on the market today are forecasting 2017 to be more of a seller’s market. United States housing trends are positive for the ‘not so near’ future offering up some great opportunities. If you've invested in a place like Boca Raton, you know there's no lack of new developments and home sales. Another piece of the real estate puzzle is the steady uptick in the economy and the influx of our high-end luxury consumer’s purchases. In this blog, we focus on the housing prediction and give some additional insight to what consumers in the luxury market are seeking. 

While America hunkers down for a tight race with the election, there may be an anxious crowd hesitating to invest. In luxury, real estate market, political uncertainty isn’t always an

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Don't Get Burned – Get a Home Inspection to Save Money on Your Next Purchase
Okay, you made one of the most important decisions in your life: you're buying a home! You found your ideal home. It's in your desired neighborhood, close to everything you love, you dig its design and feel, and you're ready to finalize the deal.
But, whoa ... wait a minute! Buying a home isn't like buying a toaster. If you discover something's wrong with your new home, you can't return it for a refund or an even exchange. You're stuck with your buying decision. Purchasing a home is an important investment and should be treated as such. Therefore, before finalizing anything, your "ideal" home needs an inspection to protect you from throwing your hard-earned money into a money

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Without a doubt, South Florida happens to be one of the biggest melting pots in the nation today. With both European and International markets declining in home sales, it seems more people are investing property in places such as Boca Raton. While moving to Boca is not a new trend, more Canadians are investing in property in Palm Beach counties than ever before. On this blog we highlight some of the reasons why our Northern friends continue to make this coastal area their vacation and secondary homes.

*In a recent article found in Huffington Post, they report Canadians who live in Toronto and Vancouver are under stress due to sky rocketing prices in their real estate markets. Because there's rumor of a global housing bubble. (Something we are hearing more

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