Want to know what is happening downtown Boca Raton? Here is the official report May 2016

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Monday, May 23rd, 2016 at 3:32pm.

You are curious about all the construction in downtown Boca Raton?

Click here to download the latest official report. This official report contains a lot of information!
Click here to download the Boca Raton Annual Report 2016 Downtown Property Owners Jean-Luc Andriot

Both the city officials and residents in the Boca Raton have a strong drive to enhance the community.  Community development is a structured intervention which gives communities greater control over the conditions that affects the lives they live.  Cities like Boca Raton are constantly looking for new ways to improve the downtown area.  Home owners benefit from the community involvement when it is thriving with business.  Programs like the Boca Raton Community Redevelopment Agency are dedicated to making Boca Raton one of the best communities in which to live or own a business.  This blog covers some of the many programs the Agency has in place in an effort to improve the city.

Much of the information that you’ll find here can be found in the 'Biennial Downtown Development of Regional Impact Monitoring' report.  This report provides an opportunity to present important projects affecting the community redevelopment area.  In an effort to enlighten and communicate with all property owners such an analysis allows to-date information for funding opportunities as well as business improvements.

Due to the so called pecking order, otherwise known as the 'Development Order', only eight million square feet have been authorized to undergo development at this time.  Individual and basic development programs vary in size.  Some projects involve only a single building and can be completed within one year, while other larger jobs can take between 5 to 10 years for completion.  A certificate of occupancy must be obtained while construction is in progress.

Several projects have been approved, yet need to be constructed.  The following is the list of upcoming projects waiting construction:
-   Retail Offices Palmetto Park Road
-   Residential units at Royal Palm
-   Retail unit Palmetto Promenade
-   Tower 155 Residential
-   Boca Lofts Residential
-   Via Mizner Hotel and Residential

All projects being developed in the previous list are within a 3-mile radius of the downtown area.  Aside from the upcoming projects listed, the city remains active and have completed many programs over the last year.

Some of the projects completed over the last year included enforcement and enhancements in the downtown parking.  Transportation and infrastructure remain about the latest in downtown development.  Research for alternative funding to be spent on downtown marketing, and underground utilities as well as parking options.

Several marketing deliverables have been placed such as hiring a downtown marketing coordinator, branded street banners as well as an updated website.  A strategic branding and marketing plan has been put in place and will work closely with the Downtown Advisory Committee implementing the initiatives. Marketing is necessary to entice tourists, traffic and visitors as well as new residents.

Other than marketing, solutions for downtown transit involved a study from the South Florida Regional Transit Authority (SFRTA).  This study was funded by grants and is being conducted to finish by summer of 2016. A strong focus will remain on downtown parking and public facilities.

Other than parking, the City Code of Ordinances requires that any downtown location with residential developments with 30 residential units or more implement a "Transportation Demand Management" plan.  Within the plan, the city of Boca Raton’s goal is to reduce peak traffic and single occupancy vehicle road trips.  This plan includes such things like compressed workweeks, telecommuting, carpooling, walking or riding bicycles to keep reducing the carbon footprint.

Another goal the city has is to ensure that proper signage is posted in residential buildings with 30 units were more.  This signage will include items like bus and train schedules.  By posting signs with detailed info, in a visible area, there’s hope more people will take advantage of the public transportation system.

Valet service and vehicle towing continue to be an issue in the downtown area.  This is primarily due to required approvals and code enforcement in action and not complying with the city.

In an effort to cut these problems, property owners are working together to improve the parking experience by implementing shared parking in the downtown area.  Construction in these areas are monitored and collaborating with property owners to find alternative on street public parking spaces.  It is expected by September of 2016 consistent signage and an automated enforcement program will be in place to provide more adequate parking eliminating unnecessary towing.

The community redevelopment agency and the downtown businesses are making every effort to ensure that each visitor has an enjoyable experience without the risk of having their vehicles towed.  Any construction dates, reserved parking spaces or valet parking must be approved by the city as well as the agency.

Another area of interest would be infrastructure. The improvements undergoing current plans of action with Visions 90 Capital Improvements Program have broken down 25 specific projects, including breaking water and sewage drainage as well as beautification.

Part of the enhancements approved a pedestrian friendly, portable and cohesive downtown area.  Inviting streetscapes, crossings and enhancing parks, fall under the same category for infrastructure improvement.

Changes needed to be made by the Florida Department of Transportation and FDOT Transportation Design for Livable Communities’ program.  This will help improve landscaping, sidewalks, traffic from cars and pedestrians and will allow better crosswalks.

The agency determined that new development projects would include wider sidewalks, speed reduction, elimination of selective right hand turns, typical cross street sections, intersection crossing, improved bus bays and bus stops by way of treatments and tree trimming.

The agency and city departments will continue to monitor the status of each project.

Only 17% out of the eight million square feet have yet been approved by the Development Order.  All of the infrastructure improvements were completed.  Issuance of building permits for new construction and digital development approvals continue based on availability and capacity.  Many of these projects need participation from property owners, tenants, stakeholders and the general public to be successful.  By becoming involved, the community as a whole keeps the projects moving in the right direction.  Business development, economic growth and a solid infrastructure ensure that Boca Raton remains a highly sought after community as well as an investment for the residents.

For more information regarding the economic development in Boca Raton and neighboring area contact our offices. 

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