Types of Properties You’ll Find in Boca Raton

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Monday, April 22nd, 2019 at 2:35pm.

Boca Raton Real Estate That’s Right for You and Your Family

Boca Raton is a mecca for fabulous real estate. Whether you’re single or you have a family with little ones you’ll need to find a property that’s right for you. From luxury condominiums to country club style homes, there’s a lot to choose. This article will serve as a guide for the type of properties you can expect when shopping for housing in one of the most sought-after towns in South Florida. When it comes to real estate in our area, you’ll find Boca Raton to include everything from waterfront properties to living nestled into the tropical forests of West Boca Raton.
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The Condo Lifestyle Leads to Fun and a Variety of Recreation

When it comes to real estate in our area, you’ll find Boca Raton to include everything from waterfront properties to living nestled into the tropical forests of West Boca. One of the most popular types of housing here is the stylish penthouse or condominium suites. For example, Townsend Place offers chic, upscale condominiums with a resort living. The properties you’ll find at a place such as Townsend, are in a high rise building with 9-stories overlooking downtown Boca Raton, the golf course and of course the layout of the land. Besides breathtaking views, the condominium life offers plenty of activity, and you can always join a country club if you prefer to stay active with golf, tennis or socializing. One convenience for living in this type of housing would be not having to maintain the grounds. For people looking to enjoy and relax, a downtown condo is ideal. This location also offers a walkable neighborhood where you can stop into a local bistro or pub and get some exercise at the same time. Another aspect that attracts homeowners to this type of lifestyle is the social ability to meet new people and make friends. However, not everyone is interested in that type of interaction, and there’s plenty of downtimes where you can go solo on your balcony enjoying the peace and comfort of your own home. It’s a matter of preference where you can choose. Nonetheless, downtown condos are a spectacular place for all lifestyles at any stage of your life.

700 S Ocean Blvd Boca Raton FL 33432 Sabal Point Jean-Luc Andriot blog 042219Beachfront Properties are Breathtaking

Next, consider the Beachfront properties such as Sabal Point. This oceanfront community includes 12-stories with upscale single units. The beautiful thing about this type of property is that you can step out onto your balcony and gaze over the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. While the lights are one main attraction, this isn’t the only benefit for homeowners. You can spend hours skimming the water, fishing or laying on the beach. Just imagine the delightful scenes of wildlife soaring past your window or finding some entertainment at the local beach club. Whatever the case may be, oceanfront or beachfront properties are full of excitement and an excellent way to invest your real estate dollars.

7424 NE 8th Ct Boca Raton FL 33487 for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 042219Intracoastal Homes Offer a Waterfront Oasis

While oceanfront properties are prevalent in Boca Raton, the other relevant body of water is the world-famous Intracoastal. Even though many people love the ocean and you still have access there’s something unique about homes off the Intracoastal. Many of these properties offer on-site marinas and boat launches where people can have access to their vessel and take to the giant canal at a moment’s notice. Besides, some of the best venues for food and drinks are easily accessible by boat making this a preferred way of travel for South Floridians seeking entertainment. Take for instance the Yacht & Racquet Club of Boca Raton? This development is an excellent place for those looking for the fun of yachting and enjoying the sights and scenes of the waterways. Homes found on the Intracoastal are sometimes rare to find because they’re very much in demand. Even though they’re rare, this is just another type of home you may enjoy if seeking properties in the area.

Townhomes and Villas Offer Lower Maintenance

Boca Raton also offers townhome or villa living in some communities. For instance, Gateway Villas are multi-unit properties which offer separate garages and entrances but still allow you to feel like you’re in a neighborhood setting. These types of features will frequently include a small yard and are monitored and/or managed by the HOA. However, these make the ideal dwelling for those who would prefer to live in more of a single-family home without the maintenance.

310 E Royal Palm Road Boca Raton FL 33432 Jean-Luc Andriot blog 042219Residential Homes are Vast in Boca Raton

Although townhomes are not as plentiful here in Boca Raton, residential homes very much are, and the listings seem almost endless. There are tons of beautiful communities in our city that offer the lifestyle for smaller families. You’ll find subdivisions throughout Boca Raton, but if you’re looking for a unique style than just the traditional ranch style home, then Royal Palm Villas may be just what you’ve been looking for in a home? The architecture of the homes found at this neighborhood includes Mediterranean properties with tons of character. The residential properties are an excellent way for you to own a property within the city limits where you’ll have every amenity imaginable.

Single Family Properties are Ideal for Raising Children

Single-family properties are everywhere in Boca Raton. However, just outside of Boca Raton is the city of Delray Beach. Seven Bridges is an excellent neighborhood that offers single-family homes and is an ideal spot for raising your children. Many of the properties found in places like Delray Beach include beautiful parks, lakes, and playgrounds making this a hub for residential homes.

Country Club Estates Under Promise and Over Deliver for Boca Residents

Country Club homes are the next on this lineup. You’ll find a nice variety of estates throughout Boca Raton, West of the I-95. Most mansions will include dwellings with massive layouts, multiple bed and bathroom options and plenty of amenities. In addition, County Club members have the luxury of enjoying plenty of fun and activity for the children but also the adults. Some more mature communities may include professional grade golf courses, resort swimming pools, and Har Tru tennis courts. There’s just about everything imaginable at places such as St. Andrews Country Club includes golf, tennis a fitness center and plenty of fine dining. You never have to leave the community with so much going on right outside your doorsteps.

Mansions Make Dreams Come True

Mansions are yet another part of the Boca Raton housing market. Bel Marra Inlet is an area that features million-dollar properties built with expansive floor plans. With square footage that stretches into ten thousand, these homes are impressive at best. Also, you can count on amenities such as boat docks, infinity pools, and spas as well as a home with all the niceties. Surprises such as bowling alleys, media rooms, and wine cellars are prominent in the Boca Raton mansions. These types of properties are owned by celebrities and high-profile homeowners and wealthy investors making these residences top notch.

From townhomes to mansions, Boca Raton has just about every type of housing you can imagine. In addition, the area boasts a city with everything and is the “playground for the wealthy.” While there’s just about every type of lifestyle, one thing is sure, Boca Raton homes are superior, tailoring to the needs of the homeowners.

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