The Allianz Golf Championship and PGA Tournament Protecting our Earth

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the green planet

” We hope these actions serve as inspiration to other large events and a blueprint for how environmental sustainability goals can be achieved.”  Nancy Jones - CMO Allianz Life

As many of you know and are well aware, our planet is under a great deal of stress from the many pollutants and unnatural elements that are delivered into our air, water, and land. Since there’s no “Mulligan” with our earth, it only makes sense that we are to care for our environment using the best way practices. We only get one chance, our ball is currently in play, the 12th annual Allianz Championship held at Broken Sound aims to build an awareness for a better planet. The PGA Tournament begins February 1st, ending on the 7th, in 2016. Green awareness can be found by the simple fact that the event has many practices in place, making it complete as 100% of this tournament is executed with forthright methods.  In a press release dated from 2011 the first PGA Champions Tour was hosted at Broken Sound making this one of the first golf facilities in Florida and second in the United States to achieve the GEO Certified award.

GEO-Certifications are from the Golf Environment Organization. This particular tournament was first of its kind to create a 100% sustainability and zero waste, helping pave the way for other green initiative events.  Zero waste held in high regards by spectators, players and vendors to participate and maintain GEO goals.  Efforts were to focus on the use of water, energy and transportation, making the event environmentally successful

Each player, and participant pays an offset fee per mile used for things like purchasing trees in the Boca Raton area.  The city of Boca Raton is dedicated to the environment and shares in collaboration with the community to create a higher understanding of protecting the land. Using green technology and taking a pro-active stance on protecting our planet remains a large responsibility to those living in and around the community. Boca Raton and Broken Sound host the perfect venue for such an event with its effort to stay focused on green initiatives.

Broken Sound Golf Course

Broken Sound’s Golf Course otherwise known as the “Old Course” is located in one of Boca Raton’s premier country clubs.  The five-star platinum club has two championship golf courses, an outstanding tennis center along with acres of lush grounds.  Noted for respecting the earth and keeping it safe Broken Sound has been on the forefront of protecting the environment for many years.

Broken Sound received many awards such as the Audubon Sanctuary Certification.  The country club was appropriately awarded such certification since the aim is to reduce the carbon footprint by using a separate dumpster for disposal of cardboard, energy efficient lighting, the use of solar to heat water and pool areas, along with recycling cans and bottles including biodegradable ecotainer cups.  All these elements spearhead Broken Sound's green friendly campaigns.

Golf Environment Organization (GEO) is a leader in sustained work environments. Through social events that create positive outlooks on the sport of golf and utilizing resources that value our ecosystem GEO continues to help set standards of practice.  GEO's representatives believe golf is good for both nature and the community. GEO protects nature by creating standards of practice, preventing deterioration of our precious environment.

GEO is backed by iSeal whose organization sets the principles in place to influence the way people purchase goods and services.  iSeal worked with over 400 experts to define what the standards should be. They created a checklist for companies and individuals to measure standard systems.  These are set as a global understanding of what works to optimize sustainability.  If you’d like to learn more about these principles, you can visit their website.  GEO Certifications are helpful ways to have people, become more involved in protecting our planet by lowering things like carbon emissions.

This year’s Champion Tournament will help raise awareness while striving for a greener planet.  The tournament starts at 8 am with the Broken Sound Member Pro-Am round. A women’s private clinic will be taught by Annika Sorenstam with the woman’s Pro-Am shotgun game starting at 1:00 pm.      Annika Sorenstam

Part of the tournament will be televised by the Golf Channel with first, second and of course final round being a part of the televised lineup. First and Second rounds start on Friday, February 5th with the final on Sunday at 9am.

Comcast will be sponsoring “Grapes on the Green” if you like to drink wine this is a part of the event you won't want to miss.  This portion of the event is at 6:00 pm on Thursday, February 4th. This would be a nice time to mingle with the other players and guests.  If your guests consist of the family, then make sure you make it out to the tournament on Saturday for Family day!

With all the festivities happening in this Southern Florida early season event, let’s not forget to mention the many charities the championship recognizes during the competition.  Allianz championship also supports non-profits like the American Cancer Society, George Snow Scholarship Fund, and Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County to name a few.  You can view the full list when you visit the Allianz Championship website.

Allianz is a financial services company that sponsors pro golfers like Tom Lehman and John Harris.  The company's mission is to help people globally with their investments, retirement and insurance. They've set many goals, encouraging communities to face challenges by joining the Allianz Foundation for Sustainability in keeping our world green.

The company is taking direction on making an effort to keep people on the evolution of change within our local communities. By moving forward with such events like the Allianz Championship PGA Tournament they’re accomplishing a great deal.  This organization, along with Broken Sound and the City of Boca Raton is making people take action becoming aware of solutions. Using the game of golf makes perfect sense as a backdrop for such a tournament.  With the lush acres of the golf course reminding us of our earth's splendor and the pleasure the outdoors has to bring. There's no wonder why they chose this sport to be a catalyst for sustainable living at its finest.

For more information on Allianz Championship and this PGA Tournament, please visit their website.

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