Secrets Boca Raton Empty Nesters Reveal

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 at 10:27am.

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How Empty Nesters Find Properties Making Boca Raton their 1st Choice

After raising the children who are no longer living in the house, many empty nesters seek alternative lifestyles including making a move. Many of these families are making Boca Raton their 1st choice for finding properties. However, they have a few secrets we’d like to reveal why our city has become a wonderful place for the 55 and over crowd to live.

Moving and Downsizing Secrets
Moving and downsizing aren’t always something people dread. In fact, the older you are the more you may find moving to a new location to be healthy with many perks on the horizon. When planning to move, you’ll want to consider what is most important to you. This is especially true for people who no longer want the large home with all the amenities. But you don’t have to give up everything if you’re retiring or want a smaller, more modest home without giving up all the benefits. One secret to reveal would be you have many choices. Do you want to live in an area with little taxes? Are you seeking a place where you can walk to shops? Would you prefer less maintenance on your home? These example questions are how you may want to approach the next chapter. Boca Raton offers plenty of luxury condos where just about anything is possible. However, take some time to write your most important things on your wish list and share with your agent.

List Things You Haven’t Used in a Long Time
When making out your wish list, you’ll want to include another list of things you no longer need or want. Packing additional items is not only unnecessary, it can add unwanted stress. Be sure to purge things you haven’t used in a long time to make downsizing easier.

Some Secretive Advice from Empty Nesters is to Move Near Your College Kids
Some empty nesters make Boca Raton their prime choice is because of their college kids. Boca Raton offers some state’s leading schools such as Florida Atlantic University and Lynn University offer extensive study programs include a student body of approximately 30,000 or more. Regardless of the student population many parents are finding they want to move closer, so their child isn’t so far away while getting an education. In fact, some parents may even coerce their college kid to select FAU or Lynn so they can get the best of both worlds, living in a nice city and being in a comfortable proximity for their family. While this may not be a secret, the parents may not always want to admit their choice to move is from not wanting to let go. Everyone can be happy with the arrangement.

The Big Pay Off Hidden Truths
Another secret retirees and empty nesters show are they are happy with the payoff of selling their larger homes and finding a smaller space. This demographic is finding their freedom with newer activities, hobbies and their true potential. Boca Raton is a city full of possibilities with plenty of things to see and do. Besides having private beach access, there are a variety of parks, shops and eateries. Whether you’re seeking a new hobby or want to volunteer for a philanthropic cause, the entire Palm Beach County awaits individuals whose kids are grown. It’s time to enjoy life and live to the fullest. It surprises some kid’s mom or dad took up paddle boarding or some other activity revealing a hidden interest from years gone by.

Confidential Info on Living in Boca Raton
Some confidential information seniors or parents with adult children would be Boca Raton has some of the best nightlife scenes in South Florida. Many homeowners may not disclose the fun they have hanging out in places like Mizner Park or one of the neighboring towns like Delray Beach because they are reliving. Many of the downtown areas include theaters, museums and dance clubs who cater to older crowds. While this info may seem confidential, its excellent knowledge for people looking to downsize or move.

There’s a Sense of Alliance in Boca Raton
Another key piece of info of our Boca Raton residents would be the friendly community making the area a major attraction. The city and local businesses cater to neighborhoods making town’s people feel a sense of alliance. The City of Boca Raton also offers fellowship throughout its churches, synagogues and many fundraisers. No matter what type of charity you want to get involved with we have a connection somewhere in our town. Empty nesters find this to be rewarding and a great way to socialize.

Hidden Point, South Florida Has Dynamic Recreation
Another hidden point our empty nesters make is they love the incredible recreational space with so many incredible parks. South Florida is a dynamic place for nesters to stay with so many fantastic ways to spend your days. From professional golf courses to Har Tru tennis courts, Boca Raton has it all.

Empty Nesters Pick Boca Raton for the Extraordinary Architecture
The last secret that’s out of the bag is the incredible housing. Boca Raton is full of high-rise condominiums with extraordinary architecture and construction. For people who are used to living in the city, there’s plenty of urban vibe to go around.

Townsend Place is an Ideal Location for Everyone
You’ll find some of the nicest empty nester condos in properties such as Townsend Place. Currently, we have a handful of listings with extraordinary interior design perfect for those who are looking to downsize from country club to luxury condo. Some amenities found at this location include a resort style swimming pool, close to golf courses and there’s a nice selection of eateries within walking distance. You’ll have an opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals with all the social activity. This property also includes game room, library and billiards for entertaining grandchildren and guests. Not to mention, there’s a manager on site 24/7 for added convenience and safety.

Besides platinum developments such as Townsend Place, you’ll be happy to know we have access to hundreds of properties in Boca Raton and surrounding areas for you to find a home that will meet your needs. Whether you’re retiring or want a vacation home, Boca Raton Premier Properties are the realtors to turn to when you want top-notch real estate. Contact us today. 

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