Mizner 200 Luxury Condominium February 16th 2016

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 at 11:14am.

Proposed Plans For Mizner 200 Luxury Condominium Project In Downtown Boca Submitted To City of Boca Raton February 16th 2016

(source Boca Raton Tribune)

Rendering of the proposed Mizner 200 luxury condominium building in downtown Boca Raton

Mizner 200 luxury condominium rendering

Elad National Properties, LLC submitted finalized design and site plans today for Individual Development Approval (IDA) by the City of Boca Raton for its Mizner 200 luxury ‘for sale’ condominium project in Downtown Boca at 210-398 Southeast Mizner Boulevard. Located east of SE Mizner Boulevard, south of SE 1st Street and west of South Federal Highway on the current site of Mizner on the Green (MOTG), the one nine-story residential building planned for the 8.76-acre property features 384 residential units averaging 2,200 square feet, including golf course level villas.

Designed to comply with code, meeting Ordinance #4035 requirements regarding height, construction, parking, landscape and traffic concurrency, the submitted proposed plans do not request any technical deviations or variances. It meets 40% required in open space (which is more than currently offered at MOTG). To demonstrate its ‘good neighbor’ commitment, the site plan exceeds in many locations, including the setback along its south boundary (the north end of Townsend Place) that allows a more expanded view corridor for Townsend Place units than the view corridor that would result from the minimum per development rights. The setback areas will be landscaped to achieve a natural, harmonious connectivity.

Maintaining the spirit and quality of the Downtown ordinance that residents have supported and the City has previously approved, the Mizner 200 features a beautiful stepped architecture that provides unobstructed views from units and draws inspiration from the surrounding tropical environment. It incorporates gentle undulating curves and transparency blended with rhythms and patterns found within the historic surrounding context. The selected materials create a warm palette and varying textures ever-present within the context, utilizing materials of stone, wood, stucco and glass.

Mizner 200 architects Jorge Garcia and Peter Stromberg of GarciaStromberg/GS4Studios share that “the building respects its dual responsibility to the street and urban environment as well as the vast open park space of the surrounding golf course and views to the east. The response is a building that sets up a more structured rhythm and appropriate character along Mizner Boulevard, then unfolds and opens up at the corners to express the beauty of its other environment.”

From the west, the building proposes a ground-level linear pedestrian area along Mizner Boulevard, incorporating undulating paths and sitting areas all overlooking the resident gallery space that continues to the north and south on each side of the project’s main entry. All vehicular parking along the active street-side pedestrian zone as well as along the golf course and golf villas on the east is masked. All service areas for the project are located within the building structure, out of view from public realm.

From the east golf course view, the building is in constant movement and results in natural flowing patterns that create harmony within the surrounding landscape. Along this golf course side, the structure ripples gracefully and moves in both the horizontal and vertical planes creating a variety of outdoor landscaped terrace areas as well as two elevated green park/amenity areas on top of the parking structures below (which are in addition to the 40% open space requirement).  The building proposes to utilize the rooftop areas for active outdoor gathering and lifestyle spaces that will also contribute to its overall character.

The building features deep shaded terrace areas with stucco walls and warm wood ceilings. Stucco and stone materials are incorporated along the vertical planes on the facades, with sun-shading devices and trellis elements at each setback zone to further enhance the character of the building within the tropical environment. The building incorporates flat roof areas with parapet walls to allow for residents to actively utilize these areas among covered shaded sitting zones and rooftop pools. The building steps back along its vertical plane above the street level promenade as well as at the penthouse level, allowing the creation of a varied roofscape.

According to Garcia and Stromberg, the architecture, as requested/depicted in Ordinance #4035 interprets the existing surrounding fabric and draws its inspiration from the patterns and scale. As stated in the Ordinance, “Buildings should employ creative re-interpretations of the Mizner tradition as opposed to literal copy of Mizner’s works.” Mizner 200’s proposal integrates these guidelines and further seeks to create a vibrant and rich urban environment maintaining and enhancing Boca’s ‘senseof place’, a quality present in every great City.

New 900-foot Pedestrian-Welcoming Park-Style Streetscape With Generous Setback
Creates Natural Connectivity With Urban Neighborhood

“Neighboring residents and businesses as well as visitors will enjoy the new park-styled pedestrian streetscape along SE Mizner Boulevard that we have incorporated into the plan to create a seamless connectivity with Royal Palm Place shops, spas, salons, art galleries and restaurants,” shared

Elad CEO Amnon Safran. He noted that by including a generous setback from the street that far exceeds the minimums, the site plan is able to draw from the patterns set forth within the code guidelines for the street level pedestrian experience, creating covered walkways, trellised sitting zones, linear park areas, as well a continuous one-and-half level active gallery space that acts as the main circulation within this level.

Safran reported that Mizner 200 should yield minimal traffic impact, as some units will be combined  into larger units and a large percentage of residents will be seasonal, low workforce peak time driven unlike the higher tenant activity currently at MOTG. In addition, the design and site plan is pedestrian-friendly and encouraging to yield reduced traffic trips. Mizner 200 residents can walk to nearby businesses, workplaces/offices, personal services providers and dining spots throughout Downtown Boca, including Royal Palm Place, along Palmetto Park Road and Federal Highway etc.

Initial plans were presented by the owner/developer to City of Boca Development Services

Department on January 5, 2016 for City staff feedback. A review meeting with City Staff was held on January 19th and finalized plans/renderings/site plans were submitted today.

Construction and Demolition Would Be Done In Phases With Ample Notice and Time For MOTG Tenant Relocation

Upon City approval, construction will be done in phases as well as the demolition of the MOTG’s 18, three-story rental townhome buildings. Over the last year, current residents have been formally noticed about owner/developer redevelopment interest and plans and all prospective tenants are briefed before executing leases. “Historically 50 percent of Mizner on the Green residents do not renew as they reside there for temporary reasons as they renovate or build homes, need to relocate for jobs and preferred schools, are seeking to purchase single-family homes or condos or want a different type of rental than a  three-story townhome,” shares Safran. “If they want to stay in Downtown, there will be plenty of brand new inventory as more than 2,000 rental residences become available.” Including MOTG, Elad also owns and operates four apartment rental communities in Boca Raton totaling 771 residences.

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