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Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Friday, April 24th, 2020 at 5:31pm.

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Inside Boca Raton Closets

Today’s closet space is one of life’s little wonders. What used to be a place to store your clothing and shoes is now a modern classic feature in most South Florida upscale homes. Look at these incredible Boca Raton closets that are now part of oceanside living along the coast.

Coastal Chic Homes Offer Large Walk-in Closets
With high-rise penthouses and country club properties, you can almost bet on some additional pampering. Many of the listings offer coastal chic homes where large walk-in closets are considered wardrobes and sometimes offer full size rooms for a homeowner’s collection. You can almost bet on a variety of storage spaces like shoe racks and places to hang your clothes. But today’s modern closets include things like center islands and more.

Wardrobes and Dressing Rooms Add Value to a Home
There are several reasons why homeowners may request a custom-built walk in. One reason would be the value these spaces bring to a property. If you are contemplating selling your home and want to include an upgrade prior to listing yourself, these built-ins add approximately 2-3x cost to the appraisal. While this is not always the case, the market price seems to favor dwellings with these popular features.

Stay Organized and Preserve Your Garments
Another advantage is the luxury of finding important items quickly without stressing yourself out. Another benefit would be the care for expensive items, such as shoes. When just thrown into a spot without maintaining some type of organization, you’ll find your expensive wardrobe being destroyed. Shoes become scuffed and surfaces worn. Your favorite sweaters and blouses may to pill or falling apart. Essentially, a closet is a vault where your most valuable outfits stay in brand new shape.

Designer Dressing Rooms Add Attraction
In addition, an incredible closet is more attractive, making homeowners appreciate them more aesthetically. Imagine the difference between having ties and sandals strung about the interior, making it look more like a receptacle for trash rather than your treasures.

Store Your Every Day and Special Outfits in One Place
South Florida living includes wearing sundresses, bathing suits and sandals for most. However, if you’re a golfer, or spend time on the open waters of the Intracoastal, you may want to use a separate section devoting that space for your activities. As you can imagine, hosting a section of that space to your formal gowns and suits is yet another area preserving the beauty and integrity of the apparel. These units protect both your clothes and your investment by staying neat and organized.

Don’t Forget to Light it Up
Some incredible ideas would use lighting in this space. Just imagine having this awesome room but can’t see anything? To avoid this disaster, be sure to include some illumination.  Try to include a smart light of some sort or one that is automatically set to turn off when the door is closed. You can get creative with this build.

A Hutch or Cabinet Adds More Style and Storage
Besides the lighting, we’re seeing many of the highest quality wardrobes to include a hutch or cabinets. These gorgeous pieces of furniture offer plenty of opportunity with the countertops, drawers and shelves. Besides all the storage in the ambry, these containers offer attractive moldings and interior spotlights for showcasing your attire or valuable garments.

Boca Raton Residents Express Endless Possibilities
Incredible Boca Raton closets include an excellent source for storing your jewelry and other smaller items. Broaches, cufflinks and ornamental objects need to have secure areas to either hide or display. The possibilities are endless.

Include a Chair or Bench
Don’t forget to leave some rooms for seating. For some, this additional feature is a necessity for those with balance issues. However, having a plush chair or a bench to sit on while getting dressed is helpful and convenient.

Location in the Home
Locations where you’ll find these designer closets are typically in the master bedroom or bathroom. However, if you have an extra room, consider the installation of this makeover. In other words, it’s your personal preference where in the home is preferable.

Custom Closets aren’t Just for Clothing
Closet space isn’t just for clothing anymore. You can turn just about any room’s wardrobe into a super-storage center. We’ve even seen these used in boutiques, and entertainment rooms. Wherever you’d like to keep a collection will make a designer space more important. Not to mention, you’ll see these upgrade cost comes back to you when selling your home.

Designer Closets Aren’t Just for Adults
Children need to have help to get dressed or selecting their attire for the occasion. These designer closets aren’t just for adults but need to have some extra perks when in a girl or boy’s room. Make sure they have easy access where they can reach. Unless the items aren’t something to be daily use, have the customer architect build to your child’s specification.

Be Creative with These Decorative Spaces
Get creative with these areas because it shows. There’s a difference between ordinary and extraordinary with a more futuristic dressing room. Sometimes, it makes sense to add some decorative items to dress up the space even more. Try a hand-woven rug or a vase with artistic and natural plants. Remember, these spaces rarely have windows where the house plants may not thrive. Rather, use some imagination and get a kick out of style.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Mirrors are vital to these incredible spaces. If you have the wall space, you can prop elegant, oversized mirrors up against the surface. With smaller mirrors you may need to hang with proper hardware. A mirror is not only necessary when comparing your look, it’s also a vital home tool in any household.

Hooks and baskets
Hooks and baskets make the finishing touches and are useful. Besides the final touches, you can’t forget hangers. However, be sure to include decorative hangers and not the plastic or wire. For a more bold look, wood hangers are simple and elegant. These little life wonders promote organization and look gorgeous. 

Undergoing these home makeovers will build value and add extra convenience for those looking to organize. But the additional perks are the spaces offer a higher return when it comes time to sell. Either way, the comfort and ease increase your quality of life, which is a huge reason for including designer closets in your layout.
For more information on selling your Boca Raton home, contact our staff. We look forward to discussing your future plans with your luxury home or condominium.

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