Holiday Home Decor Necessities for the Boca Raton Home

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Monday, December 2nd, 2019 at 2:32pm.

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Boca Raton Holiday Decor for Your Luxury Condo

Holidays are magical this time of the year and your home reflects the spirit of the celebration. If you’re like many of our clients, the beach house is your second home where decorating is just as important as your primary residence. Why? Because decorating your home brings back nostalgia and promotes happiness. Look at these quick holiday decor tips and necessities to help your season get underway even if you’re at your vacation property. 

Add Holiday Cheer with Lots of Lights

You can put some excitement to even the blandest of luxury condominiums by adding light. Whether you lean toward more traditional white lights or the latest trends using purple and gold, the illumination will immediately put you in the mood to celebrate. Lights are also a necessity and have a ton of uses. Some extra oomph in your lighting décor could include items such as hanging star luminaries or firefly lights which are stunning wrapped around your balcony or fireplace. First step to building holiday spirit is by hanging the lights. 

Candles at the Beach House are a Necessity

Just like lights another holiday décor necessity is candles. Sometimes, you can never have too many candles and this time of year is one of them. Including the beach house, placing beautiful candle arrangements strategically through the home will give a sense of warmth and cozy vibe. Be sure to put your Menorah or some other masterpiece in the center of the table and used as a centerpiece. No matter what your religion or preference, candles are essentials for December. 

Decorate Your Coastal Property with Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms are an obligation to utilize around the home for years to come. Start your own tradition such as exchanging tree ornaments or handmade decorations. Personalize it for your home away from home by giving these items a beach or coastal theme. Use starfish, exotic birds and other marine life to send a message of rest and relaxation. No matter what your theme be sure to include some type of keep sake to remind you of days gone by. 

Pick a Beach Theme for Your Luxury Condo by the Ocean

Pick a ‘beachy’ theme and go to town! Rather than spending money on costly decorations for the beach house, select seashells, coral and sailboats as a more nautical theme. Seahorses to pastel colors such as turquoise and rose gold can make your snowbird property more festive and matching the surf and sand. Don’t forget to throw in some driftwood and white fur to make it even more fundamental. The world is at your interior designers. 

Garland is a Second Home ‘Must Have’ for the Holidays

Garland is traditional whether you’re at your regular home of your vacation property. You can either make the garland yourself or contact a local florist to get ideas. Garland is a holiday ‘must have’ draping around mirrors or over the fireplace. The materials are also a nice addition over the top of the counters and cupboards. Don’t forget to wrap some tree branches or tinsel around the chandeliers for extra fun visuals. You can also fill mason jars with sprigs of extra material that falls out of the wreath during hanging. If you have a staircase, twisting the garland around the base or railing is also a nice look. The possibilities are endless. 

Beachfront Wreath Welcomes Your Guests

Another beachfront property Christmas decoration is the wreath. In most cases, people are expecting holiday gatherings whether small or large. A wreath tacked on the front door is an enticing way to make your guests feel welcome. The brilliant tropical and coastal chic ideas you’ll find will give the celebration extra sizzle! But, keep in mind preference dictates your style. You can keep it simple or make your craft more stunning with fresh-cut sprigs of pine and eucalyptus. Be sure to check with your HOA for any restrictions on materials. 

Pillows Can Change the Look of the Whole Room

Pillows can change an entire mood for home décor and the holidays are no exception. Ask any interior designer and they’ll claim decorative pillows are a godsend where they can change the entire look of the whole room. The best part about pillows is they store easily and are practically indestructible.  You can pick snowflakes or some other iconic symbol such as a snow man to remind you of how you’ve escaped the winter weather. 

Wrap Your Pups in Festive Gear for South Florida

Another compulsion some of our tenants may have is to wrap their pups in costumes making them part of the festivities.  Give the dog a light outfit for the hot Florida weather such as tropical print shorts and shirts. No to mention, you can wrap them in a Christmas scarf or wreath for the pictures. Remember, most animals will not enjoy wearing clothing, but at least you might get a picture for long lasting memories. 

Rugs Can Enhance Your Designs at the Beach

Rugs and dogs just seem to go together well. However, we’re more focusing on holiday décor. You can find a nice variety of rugs such as faux fur, and burlap to give off a beach-themed holiday extra. Serenity shags, holiday plaids and shiny designs can brighten any room, why not your beach condo? From the front door to the floor, you’ll undoubtedly have a ‘put together’ look throughout the entire estate with a gorgeous selection of rugs. 

Don’t Forget the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a room that sometimes gets overlooked for holidays. Look for places of opportunity to create displays such as the vanity, floor and walls. Sometimes the most simplistic and clean ideas are the best, such as placing candy canes with sprigs of rosemary next to the sink lends the perfect vacation gala. Get creative but keep in mind these items need to place with relevance without impeding the shower or other items. 

Consider Hosting Your Holiday Dinner or Brunch Outdoors

Last, if you’ll host a dinner or brunch at your coastal property, consider placing the dinner table on the balcony if the space is large enough. To keep things festive, create placards or place cards for the guests with their names and some yuletide ideas. Sharing a Christmas Eve with the sounds of the ocean are enchanting. You’ll be creating lasting memories and a lifetime of extortionary opportunity for your friends and family. 

If you’re not into decorating you can hire a professional to help. Be sure to check for credentials or work with a referral to ensure safety.

If you’re looking to sell your Boca Raton luxury condo or country club home, our expert realtors are standing by to answer your questions. Contact us today to find out how the market is trending.

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