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Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Friday, February 7th, 2020 at 2:26pm.

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Game-Changing Laundry Rooms for Boca Raton Homes

Over 20-years ago, you may not have given your laundry room a second thought. Today, our homeowners in the luxury sector are seeking designer spaces full of fresh designs and amenities. The laundry room seems to be a game-changing feature that will put our country club and penthouse homeowners over the edge. Here’s some fresh and clean ideas for you to wish list when buying a home.

Start Your Laundry Room Designing with Top-Grade Washer and Dryers

The washer and dryer pair you can’t live without would be front loaders. Brands such as LG and Samsung are incredible ways to clean your clothes, but many of these washers and dryer ensembles are energy star efficient and help conserve on your electricity bill. Many of the brands can be bought online or at places like Brandsmart, Lowes and The Home Depot. A hint for our readers. If you’re looking for the best deal, wait till Memorial Day Weekend when the sales are hefty for the consumer. Another hint, many of the manufacturers will offer special incentives for those seeking discounts when buying an ensemble or set rather than just one appliance. The washer and dryer play a major role in your laundry room where you can’t have a designer space with old top loading machines.

You’ll Need a Folding Table and Shelves

Next element you’ll want to have in your designer laundry room would be the folding table and shelves. Many of today’s interior designing includes creative shelving and it wouldn’t be a laundry room without a folding table. Even if you must stack the washer and dryer, it’s super important to include these items to make your room complete.

Don’t Be Afraid of Showing Personality in these Spaces

Don’t be afraid to decorate with paint and wallpaper. What was once a boring room with zero personality is now the housekeeper’s favorite hideaway? Why not spruce up the designing to make everyone happy and make this a space you can show off rather than shut out? Wallpaper and paint can bring out characteristics of this room making it fun and cute rather than dull.

Sinks and Fixtures Add to the Designing

A sink is another element in the designing that will come in handy for your washing room. We’re seeing trends where people are using farm sinks, and fancy fixtures to create a more functional and attractive area. Since the plumbing should be present in a laundry room, it will most likely have hook-ups for the sink where this is a bonus.

Don’t Forget a Drying Rack for Your Gentle Items

Drying racks are also a wonderful item to include in your designer laundry room. Rather than drying your hand-washables and sweaters in the dryer, if you have a rack, you’ll save your clothes from unnecessary wear and tear caused by the dryer.

Closets and Cupboards are Laundry Room Must Haves

A closet is imperative for storage and keeping the soap and dryer sheets hidden. Closets can be convenient for a multitude of reasons. However, keep in mind they can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Even a narrow space can have accommodation if they choose the right cupboards or cabinetry.

People on the Coast Don’t Have Mudrooms

In places like the North and Mid-West, they call laundry rooms, “mudrooms.” However, when you live on the coast, people use these entryways for preventing sand from tracking everywhere. Think of the convenience you’ll have dropping items like beach towels and bathing suits in the wash right away rather than getting sand all over.

Put Some Light on the Subject

Don’t forget the lighting! Another area of interest that can add character to your laundry room would be your lights. The days of having boring lights or some utility lamp to illuminate your work area are no longer the case. Now, there’s a nice selection of lamps and chandeliers that can add a boost of personality and be functional.

Tiles and Washable Surfaces are Important

Tiles are a terrific way to include cleanliness to the laundry room where you can easily wipe down any unwanted debris. We’re seeing a lot of subway tiles adding style and are practical at keeping the walls from becoming scuffed. 

A Dog Shower and Bath is a Laundry Room Bonus

One of the latest trends is the dog wash or shower typically found in the laundry room. Since people love their pets, these are a wonderful way of giving your pup a bath without tracking pet hair and dander everywhere. You’ll find many of these spaces to include a hose and are big enough for larger dogs. Another aspect of this feature is the space where you can wash down more than the animals. You can wash boots, sporting equipment and a whole slew of things with these handy household sinks.

Get Hooked While You Hang Clothes

Don’t forget to rack it up with hooks and a space for hanging. Many of today’s laundry rooms will include some rack for hanging shirts, slacks etc., but it’s also a good idea to incorporate hooks for added convenience. You can store items like beach towels, coats and gear easily with the right hook.

Think Outside of the Soap Box when Decorating

Think outside of the soap box with decorating your laundry room. You can find tons of ideas on Pinterest and going to your local hardware or homeware stores. You’ll find everything from repurposed wood to glass jars where you can store your laundry pods. All these ideas are fresh and new adding excitement to what was once a boring space.

From top appliances to home décor you can turn your laundry room into a personal space with renovation exceeding excitement. You’ll find everything from tile to wallpaper as part of the décor and there’s additional pizzazz with dog washing stations if you’re into pets. Having a designer laundry room can also add value to a property as a bonus amenity. The best part is you can make these spaces as extravagant as you’d like with inspiration.

Ask our professional staff how you can improve your luxury condo or home prior to listing for sale. We offer an assessment and guidance for you to make the most selling your Boca Raton home. In addition, we have access to several listing sites where marketing your home is of value. Contact our office today.

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