Your Boca Raton Home Office and All Its Possibilities

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Monday, November 25th, 2019 at 1:15pm.

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Interior Decor and the Boca Raton Home Office Ideas

If you’re like many of us, you could work from home. Many entrepreneurs have turned their dens into their 9-5 office space and Boca Raton is full of condos with workspaces allowing you to have the room you need to run your home business. There’s plenty of excellent interior designing ideas online and we’ve found a few that might just make you look to remodel or find a home that’s already set up to start your work week. Look at these fantastic decorating tips for your Boca Raton home office. 

Home Trends for 2019 are Built-Ins

Look for homes with built-ins. This is not only an excellent way for saving space, it’s a home trend a lot of homeowners are looking for. Shelving and bookcases with permanent fixtures add value to a property. Sometimes, you’ll also find some of these wall units to include a desk as part of the ensemble.  If you’re looking for a home or luxury condo where there’s already a finished den, office or library, be sure to share with your realtor so they can show you properties that meet your wish list. For instance, our listing B203 found at Townsend Place includes an ideal office with one of the 3 rooms. You can see for yourself, the luxury of being able to do your work while on vacation or at your second home.

Lighting Plays a Huge Role on the Home Office

Next, lighting plays a huge role in any home office. A room with natural light is what most people will prefer. However, home lighting solutions can always take the place of windows. Look for track lighting to ensure every inch of the room is illuminated with the right brightness to keep you alert and be able to see what’s on the books. In some cases, you can turn a breakfast nook into office space allowing you to work off the floor to ceiling windows or from the kitchen lighting. Many parents prefer children working in these types of areas to ensure kids are doing their homework. The light is what you’ll want to focus on when you’re shopping for a condo or country club home. 

Seek Peaceful Solutions for Your Home Office Space

Besides the light, a home office needs to be a place where your creativity can flow. Try to find a room in the house that’s in a quiet area. For instance, you may not want to have your window facing the swimming pool if you’re trying to avoid noise. Unless, the windows are storm resistant which can prevent a lot of outside decibels. In some cases, you can install paneling or some other sound dampening to loud walls. For instance, if your office is facing a wall where the television is on the opposite side, could generate unwanted turbulence. However, if you install materials such as repurposed wood or look for alternatives to dampen the commotion will usually solve the problem. 

Flooring is Top on the List and the Bottom Line for Coziness

If the pandemonium of noise isn’t the issue, but the flooring is, you might lay carpet or replace flooring altogether. Flooring can play a huge role in the comfort of your office. Since most luxury condo designs come with tile or wood floors, add a rug or a glass chair mat to make your desk chair slide with ease. In addition, a rug can make the office space cozier and add character to any room. 

Opt-In for Floating Shelves with Lighting

If you’re space is smaller, consider installing floating bookshelves to prevent floor space from being used. With so many solutions on the market, you’ll find a variety of shelving that allow you to showcase books, pictures or Knick knacks. Consider looking for shelves that have additional lighting for working into the night. Now you won’t take up the desk or extra flooring for both lamps and storage. 

Your Choice of Paint Promotes Everything from Productivity to Less Anxiety

Painting your home office is a choice. Paint can play a huge role in your performance. For instance, Elle Décor suggests deep dark green as a way of promoting calmness and productivity. Off-white can act like natural sunlight and dark colors may inspire mood and are ideal for creative types such as writers. If you’re looking to sell a home, stick with more neutral colors for this space as most home staging professionals suggest. 

Innovative Rugs for Your Pets Can Make Your Work Life Easier

Paint, light and shelving are all home office essentials. But if you like to take the kids and dog to work with you consider creating a space, that’s just for them. Like many who work from home share their home offices with their furry family members. If this is the case, you may not want ‘Fido’ to be right under your feet while your hammering out reports. If this is the case, consider investing in a Puprug made of Faux animal prints to match. Your dog or cat will be more apt to relax if they have their designated safe zones. Moreover, you’ll get more done without the animals wanting to be in your lap. 

Select Furniture Ideal for Guests

If you have a home office where visitors may stop by, be sure to include comfortable matching furniture such as winged chairs or sofa. You want to ensure clients feel at home so you can tackle business at hand. Company’s such as Homestratosphere are excellent resources for getting ideas for furniture. 

Our Listings Can Help with Your Search

If you’re seeking a luxury condominium or home with an office, be sure to share your ideas with your realtor. We have hundreds of listings in Boca Raton and have access to make your dreams come true. Tip of the day is to use Pinterest and create a wish list board of how you want your home office to look and we’ll find something to meet your needs. Be sure to look at our other home décor ideas in our blog. 

For those looking to sell their property, our experienced and helpful staff can guide you with the right tools to find homeowners meeting the proper criteria. Ask us how?

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