Why Virtual Tours Are a Good Idea to Sell Your Boca Raton Home

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Friday, October 25th, 2019 at 3:04pm.

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Your Agent’s Secret Sauce to Selling Your Luxury Property

Videos and photos are nothing new for realtors to use as marketing tools to sell your home or property. Real Estate agents are advancing toward more modern technology, becoming a trend for marketing and giving Boca Raton homes a whole new perspective to potential buyers. The world of virtual tours is opening to a broader audience and is an excellent idea to help sell your luxury condo or country clubhouse. Here are some things to consider and why your agent or broker may suggest this as advertising to get more buyers in the ‘looking’ mode.

Virtual Reality Attracts Foreign Market

Virtual touring is more in tune with overseas buyers than ever before. Although the media is reporting international buying to be down by 50%, $77.9 billion is currently a statistic the National Association of Realtors recently shows as this demographic. The immigrant population may be coming here for a multitude of reasons, and homes are always on the tip of their minds. However, if a potential client lives thousands of miles from Boca Raton, how do you think they are visiting the listings? Virtual touring and 3D walk-throughs play a considerable role in this market. Rather than spending thousands of dollars coming to the U.S., interested buyers can now view properties right from their cell phone or tablet, creating a more diverse platform than merely viewing photos and saving tons of money from less travel. The use of navigable touring can help a client home in on their favorite properties before ever stepping foot on the location.

3D Video Provides Quality and Value to the Home Buyer

Another reason why your real estate agent may suggest a 3D video for selling your Boca Raton property is the professional-grade video quality. The luxury housing market includes clients from all diversities and cultures; however, they want value where they can attract the right buyers for the estate. Technology sells and affluent groups find innovation to provide merit making this type of video presentation more attractive.

Convenience of the Cloud Makes Access to Listings Easier

Next, technology such as Matterport offers cloud experience, including new features and functions higher-end customers are seeking. Also, because the videos are stored in the cloud, you can view them from anywhere, and the presentation is lightning fast. Also, no one must be concerned with this type of video asset, taking up too much space in their hard drives or intranet.

Immersive Technology Allows the Client to Interact in Every Room

Besides the use of the cloud, some of the features include interactive reception where potential buyers can walk through a listing property, and open doors, look at ceiling height, and take a stroll through interiors and exteriors creating a sales pitch without anyone standing over your shoulder.

AR and VR Camera Operators are Skilled Professionals

Why many realtors aren’t using this product to help sell more houses and condos is because of cost. The 360° reality enhances video, but there’s much money involved to hire skilled videographers. While the cameras seem relatively simple to use, there’s far more than meets the eye. (Or in this case, the camera lens) Also, they may utilize drones to capture aerial footage where the clips need to have editing to create seamless transitions from exteriors to interiors. Moreover, the way the camera works is impressive, taking the wide-angle boom shots and pans to create the most compelling marketing tool for real estate.

Cost for VR Video can Be Expensive

The cost for these video tools can run well over $2,995, and there’s no regulation where the operators of this unique camera can charge anything they want. However, most real estate agents who specialize in luxury properties have connections with the best photographers and video pros, where they often work out excellent deals. Your agent will strategize the best way to sell your home or estate and may or may not include 3D tours. It’s best to ask what they have in store as experienced professionals who cater to the more upscale clients.

Who Else Uses Virtual Touring?

Virtual tours are now becoming more common in places such as premier destinations around the globe. 5-star hotels and properties in just about every country are showing a debut of their resorts to entice people to book their stay. The introduction is far more impressive than any 2D brochure you get from the travel agent.

The Homebuyers Visualize How the Home Will Look with Their Desired Furniture

Immersive video experiences have a serious future in real estate, as well. Both Virtual and augmented reality allows the buyers to get a complete view from all angles helping clients to visualize the home with furniture and all the details. If you want to take things to the next level, headsets such as Oculus can enhance any sight unseen property on the market. Sure, looking at photos is nice, but frequently the bad photography can misrepresent a condo or residence turning off a potential buyer.

Most Buyers Shop Online Before Visiting a Property for Sale

The 2018 statistics show that close to 95% of buyers view homes online before buying. As you can imagine, as technology evolves and more of the younger generations are becoming homeowners, the digital media is a popular way to reach more people. With 44% of new homeowners looking at properties online, it only makes sense to provide what the clients want. While photos are still a leading source for shoppers, virtual video is becoming more sought after, where agents are becoming more apt to provide their database with accessible resources.

Virtual Videos are Here to Stay

Regardless of the concepts, virtual walkthroughs are here to stay. These videos allow clients from a near and far step inside their dream homes before piling in the car to see 10 – properties. Besides the matter of convenience, people selling their homes tend to score more money creating a more significant buzz than static shot photos. Besides, virtual staging allows the consumer to picture (literally) a kitchen with their desired appliances and furniture as an example taking the concepts to a whole new level. Think about it? Would you instead look at images without furniture or someone else’s belongings or view the same room with your preferred style? The technology is profound at best, where we’re sure to see the intimacy for these video tools grow.

Ask your agent what they suggest when it comes to selling your Boca Raton estate. In some cases, they may feel that virtual video isn’t necessary. However, that’s where trusting your hired professional kicks in as they’re in the business of selling homes.

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