Thanksgiving Tips for Your Boca Raton Vacation Property

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Friday, November 15th, 2019 at 1:26pm.

Interior and Exterior Finishes for a Warm and Cozy Holiday

You’re most likely placing the finishing touches around the home if you’re Thanksgiving at your Boca Raton vacation property. The second home needs to feel warm and cozy even if it is South Florida and we’ve got 13 tips on how you can create a magical holiday your friends and family will remember. 

Tip #1 If your interior designing leans more toward coastal inspiration, but you want to give a festive, elegant fall appearance, consider adding splashes of gold, orange and brown to the mix. Even turquoise or sandy beiges mix well with these colors that lean more toward the traditional palette of November. Place blankets, pillows and decorations throughout your beachfront condo that will compliment the rest of the rooms. 

Tip #2 Create or purchase a wreath with a beach theme. We can do these in a variety of craft items where you can do it yourself or provide details to the local florist. Either way, they’ll love the style setting the pace for the rest of the event or evening. And what terrific curb appeal we might add? If these welcoming pieces are large enough and you can see them from the street, they add to the appearance of the rest of the home. 

Tip #3 According to Martha Stewart, creating a cabin theme for the Holidays can impress anyone visitors while making you feel right at home. Soft fur pelts or blankets, even leopard skin print or tropical birds leave memorable impressions. Sailboats, and seashell ornaments add additional ‘bling’ to your cabin theme. 

Tip #4 Use repurposed wood as part of your interior or exterior décor. We can find reclaimed wood at a ton of South Florida businesses. DRVA at Delray Beach provides a terrific source for using this material. Whether you want to add it to your bathroom or formal dining room, they have a variety of beautiful wood tones to create the perfect holiday decoration. In addition, they use eco-friendly adhesives that are non-toxic and safe for the whole family. 

Tip #5 If you love the scent of fresh pine needles from the Christmas tree, or warm baked apple pie, install some plug-ins or an air diffuser that will magically create the scene you want for your vacation or staycation holiday. Fill the air with cinnamon, eucalyptus or some other fragrance to enhance the ambiance of any room. 

Tip #6 Don’t forget the sound. Your smart home devices can pipe pre-recorded music or hits from your music lists throughout the whole house or condo. Just imagine the sounds of jingle bells, or Frank Sinatra being heard in your kitchen, bathroom or living room getting your guests in the festive mood? Announce when you’re serving dinner via loudspeaker so anyone anywhere in your luxury condo can make it to the table before the ceremonies are performing. 

Tip #7 If you want to get into the Christmas mood a lot sooner, be sure to invite Santa over for the kids. There’s nothing more exciting than watching the children gather round someone in the red suit while he takes down special requests and helps the kids with their gift list. Make this a holiday tradition the family will cherish for years to come. 

Tip #8 Decorate the exterior of the lanai or patio with your snowbird collections. Southern Living suggests using containers and planting Chef’s Choice Rosemary, Oakland Holly and more to create a beautiful foliage sprinkled around the home. Many of the choices they suggest are suitable for South Florida this time of year. 

Tip #9 Put the lights up early so your friends and family can enjoy them for Thanksgiving. If you search the internet, there will be plenty of businesses you can hire to help hang exterior and hard to reach places in the home such as raised ceilings. Lighting is one of the most beautiful decorations you can enhance the atmosphere of the home. The illumination seems almost magical. 

Tip #10 Buy fresh pumpkins and use them as extra décor. You can still find pumpkins after Halloween in Boca Raton if you check at the Farmer’s Market. Also, follow up with businesses such as Pumpkin Towne in Wellington, Florida for additional items such as cornstalks and wooden benches. They most likely will offer a good deal as the season for these signature spirits is coming to the end. 

Tip #11 The dinner place settings and dressings are equally important for getting everyone to be in the mood. Use place cards for seating arrangements at the formal dining room and don’t forget to include a dynamic centerpiece. Fresh-cut flowers with sunflowers and cranberries make for an excellent holiday premier. Be sure to check on Pinterest for additional ideas and tips. 

Tip #12 If you don’t want to entertain, and would rather go out to eat, be sure to make reservations at The Addison off East Camino Real. This venue is ideal for just about any event or celebration; however, they are including a catered and traditional turkey dinner including all the fixings. The buffet choices are top-notch with a 5-star winning cuisine. The best part is you won’t have to worry about the cleanup! 

Tip #13 Be sure to check with your concierge or clubhouse management if you live in a condominium complex to see if they’ll be hosting exclusive member events. In most cases, you’ll want to know ahead of time to make reservations or to see if the clubhouses are booked with private parties. This is another excellent way to make the holiday memorable and stay in tradition. 

These are just a few tips for some excitement even if you’ll be spending the holidays down in Florida. Invite your family and friends for additional fun and cheer. They will have a good time and isn’t that what buying a vacation or second home what it’s all about? 

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