Surprising Luxury Home Trends for Boca Raton Spring 2019

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Monday, April 8th, 2019 at 12:57pm.

Surprising Luxury Home Trends for Boca Raton Spring 2019 for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 040819

Home Decorating Ideas Making a Statement

Boca Raton offers luxury real estate that includes superior construction and designing. The best part of Boca Raton luxury houses and condo are the location. Beautiful structure and development in one of the most exciting destinations found in South Florida. Moreover, the Palm Beach County properties and their owners always seem to be sitting on the cutting edge offering interior designers and architects’ ability to features some of the market’s trends and solutions. This blog we’ll share some surprising ideas for your luxury property that’s influencing designing everywhere.

Lighting to Brighten Your New Home this Spring

This spring, there are more than flowers blooming. Tons of innovative lighting ideas and solutions seem to be sprouting up in our luxury market making your home bright and beautiful. Just ask the folks at Capitol Lighting off North Federal Highway what they think about the latest styles creating both function and style. Since many of the South Florida properties lean toward contemporary designing, the PH Artichoke Lamps have been shining in kitchens and family spaces everywhere. These decorative lamps are designed with precision as a cascade of metal rectangles splashes over its bulbs. The Scandinavian design was found by Poul Henningsen, an award-winning designer who developed the idea a was highly recognized in his industry for decades. Regardless of the innovation from years ago, these retro lighting solutions are brightening up Boca Raton homes with a fresh new way of illuminating home livings spaces.

Massage Rooms are the Newest Spaces for Luxury Properties

Next trend on our list for Spring 2019, would be the Massage Room. Since so many of today’s homeowners incorporate health and well-being in their daily routines, it only makes sense to turn your spare room into a tranquil massage room with all the amenities. Just imagine booking your masseuse to visit in the home with a work station that is built for your pleasure. Smart homes can pipe in meditational music while lowering the lights to a peaceful atmosphere. Your massage therapist will be excited knowing he or she won’t have to lug a heavy massage table to your location. Also, many of the ideas incorporate master bathrooms adjacent to the massage room for a more spa-like character and convenience. A massage room is one of the hottest trends in today’s home interior designing and one you may not have considered. But these additional spaces are a welcome feature for this year’s buyer requests.

Show Off Your Car Collection with a Designer Garage

If you own several vehicles, you’re going to love this next idea. Many homeowner’s with multiple vehicles is opting in for a new way to park and display their vehicles. Rather than having a spot to hide your cars and other pieces for your motor collection, you can now display them with floor to ceiling glass windows and roll up doors, show lighting and with enough square footage for each auto to be parked with precision or information perfect for displaying. If you live in a luxury condominium, you may not have space, but if you’re moving into your country club home, you may want to consider upgrading to this latest trend for your multi-car collection.

Decorative Ceilings are Looking Up to Style

If creating the perfect space for your car isn’t a thrill, then look up. Another fascinating trend found mostly in luxury homes would be the decorative ceiling. Coffered ceilings, bold wood beams, and domes all make powerful statements to any room. Even linen can make a flat ceiling look spectacular giving the room extra dimension and ambiance. Gold, silver, and lacquer are just a few materials making a surprise appearance and is creating a ‘wow’ factor in a ton of Boca Raton homes. While this may not seem like a new idea, we’re noticing more homes renovations are including some type of ceiling décor creating custom-made works of art. You can see some of these dynamic fixtures in places like Elle Décor and more.

Paint Colors Offer Peaceful Solutions ideal for South Florida Homes

Since paint is always on the list for any designer, the trends for paint colors are popping right off the palette. This spring the colors and shades are a revival of the sea with turquoise, tangerine and Hazelnut are some of the popular hues revitalizing the interior of our luxury properties. Also, muted pastels such as lilac grey and mist help create the perfect mood for the coastal home. This year’s colors are leaping with a variety of alternatives to white walls and make the ideal furnishings to any home decor.

Master Bedroom Designs You Can’t Ignore

Another room that is getting more attention is the master bedroom. This spring you can expect renovation with these areas giving more focus on creating the most comfortable atmospheres. Whether its lighting or the right shade of paint, you can expect these spaces to undergo a complete makeover. Depending on the mood you want to set for these rooms, you can make a statement with darker more subdued colors, soft lighting such as bohemian lamps and cozy fabrics and materials throughout make any bedroom more alluring. One big trend that is streaming right now with interior designs is the poster bed or canopy. The furniture in the bedroom tends to create the oasis to these spaces. You can make a sanctuary with a minimum number of furnishings keeping it simple or flood the room full of fur and other textures. No matter what your preference, these rooms should invite dwellers to relax, and sleep.

No matter if you’re looking for a luxury condominium or a beachfront estate, these are some trends that will be popping up in available real estate everywhere. When it comes down to it, the personalized style you create is what makes your home irresistible. Whether it’s a massage room or redecorating your master bedroom, you can be certain, you’ll be in style for this spring with these tips.

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