Steps to Selling Your Home Realtors Want You to Know

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Monday, October 7th, 2019 at 1:40pm.

Important Information You Should Read Before Putting Your Boca Raton Property Up for Sale for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 100719

Important Information You Should Read Before Putting Your Boca Raton Property Up for Sale

Selling a home or luxury condo can be stressful, and there are many laws / rules to follow. The process entails many moving parts and components; it only makes sense to hire a knowledgeable professional. People are finding cutting out the middle guy (the realtor) isn’t always the best idea. While you may think you’re saving money, you could be heading into some real trouble. Here are some of the steps your agent will help guide you with on your journey to the sale.

Determining Your Home’s Price Prior to Selling

Determining the right price for your property is trickier than you may assume. In most cases, homeowners will try to pick the value because of other properties in their same building or on the block. While that may be partially true, other factors go into this imaginary number. If you think you can sell on your own and don’t understand the market, you could potentially charge too much or too little. In most cases, property owners lose money because they don’t have access to the numerous databases of other similar properties that can make a more accurate determination. Your agent will do a comparative market analysis based on features, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as unique features of the property. These are called “comps.” You’d be surprised what a difference 200 square feet can make. To have peace of mind and less stress about pricing, work with the pros who sell houses every day, rather than once every few years.

Pick Your Selling Points Wisely

In addition to determining your home’s value, you’ll need to know what you’re selling points are to the house. Realtors look for relevant information other than just the cosmetics of a property. For instance, let’s say you had a new HVAC system, or the condominium complex you are living at recently had the roof repaired. Your agent will know these facts and will make them a part of their unique selling proposition to potential buyers. In other words, selling a home requires more than just surface features and benefits. It goes way deeper. For instance, the new national golf course being built at Boca Beaches could add value to a property. Agents who have been in the business for a long time, know what to say to potential buyers to get an offer.

Clean, Purge, Remodel

Next, preparing your home for sale may seem easy; however, when done right will get more bites on a home. For instance, painting the walls to neutral colors is what home buyers seem to be more attracted to than bright or unusual colors. Wallpaper isn’t something that is popular and can turn off potential buyers. Also, purging the cupboards, closets, and de-cluttering the home is necessary if you’re going to sell. However, an experienced realtor will guide you and make the proper suggestions, which will put your mind at ease.

Staging a Home Can Prevent Pet Owners from Losing Out on a Sale

If you think you want to sell your home on your own, you may also want to hire someone to stage individual rooms. The technique of staging is something that is suggested for those who have empty homes where there’s no furniture present. For homes with the furniture, there may be a chance you’ll get turned down for an offer. One reason this happens is pets. Animals shed, people are allergic, and when they come to a property where there’s a lot of pet pollution, a buyer may become irritated, and there goes your sale. Staging can often cure this as the furniture is brand new. A professional agent will assist you in giving you direction in this area.

Hire a REAL Professional Photographer to Get Your Money’s Worth

Hiring a professional photographer seems harmless. However, there is no regulation in photography or video production; therefore, you may get ripped off. Also, everyone knows someone’s uncle or niece that has a camera, but they might not be your best choice? Frequently, the videos are not good quality, and silly things like the photographer may forget to stay out of the mirror or reflection on the glass, causing a lousy result. Brokers and agents know plenty of people who will get the job done right and for an affordable budget. Count on these folks to help you market and make the best of your property sale.

MLS Listing Agents Need You to Understand

Speaking of marketing, the agent you choose to work with will ensure placing your home on the MLS. Listing agents are the only people who can legally list your property on the MLS. Be wary of other software claiming you can register as these services are usually costly and heed bad results. You real estate agent is the person who will get your property out to the masses for people looking to buy a home and other agent looking for their clients. Don’t get places like Trulia and Zillow confused with the real deal. Your agent pays money to belong to the Multiple Listing Service, which offers regional databases to hundreds of thousands of homes. Be smart and use someone with the right credentials to delegate selling your home.

Hire a Marketing Team to Get Your Property in Front of the Right People

Another step and a huge one most people forget is to market their homes correctly. Successful agents have marketing teams to help get your home listing out to the right people. Agents will craft a strategy they know will work to sell the property. Whether through social media, postcards, emails, or a video campaign, your broker and realtor are working hard behind the scenes to get things done. Just imagine, all the work that goes into selling a property, and you won’t have to worry with the right professional?

Contact Your Network of Potential Buyers, Oh Wait, Do You Have One?

Hosting an open house seems relatively straightforward. However, remember that marketing thing again? You need to get people into your home to see if there’s any interest. Also, for the luxury residence, you don’t want just anyone coming into your home, you need to be selective, and a right agent who has an extensive networking system will know only whom to invite and how to best approach an open house.

Be Prepared to Provide Many Documents

“I love paperwork,” said no one EVER! When selling a home, the mounds of red tape is extraordinary. Notaries have it almost as bad as the agents and title companies when it comes to the sea of documents needing to be read and signed. Doesn’t it make more sense to have a professional delegate this tedious part of selling your home?

Brush Up on Your Negotiating Skills, You’re Going to Need Them

Lastly, negotiating is a skill that most people either don’t have or dislike. An experienced agent is a mastermind when it comes to negotiations. Bear in mind; they are fighting for their client’s best interest. If you wanted to sell your own home and run into an agent who has a serious buyer, you had better be prepared to know how to jab, jab, uppercut, or you will lose money.

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