School Year Begins in 2 Weeks for Boca Raton Schools, Are You and the Kids Ready?

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Friday, August 2nd, 2019 at 12:11pm.

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Tips for Preparing Ahead of this Year’s School Season 2019

While most people are focusing on getting the kiddos through school shopping sprees and wrapping up their summer, some Boca Ratonians are taking extra measures to make their homes ‘back to school ready.’ Smart parents who live in Boca Raton, are organizing, purging, and stocking up the shelves to make the house ready for the school year starting in just a few weeks. We’ve drafted a quick guide to help remind you how to prepare your home for this time of year.

South Florida and the Sun-Sentinel are reporting by 2020, school start dates will begin in April rather than the 2nd week in August. If that’s the case, then parents will need to have a serious game plan for a shorter summer and a more extended school season. Regardless of the following year, if you’re a parent fretting over getting the kids ready for this year, August 14th is just around the corner, but no worries we have a terrific bit of guidance that will at least help you prep the household so you can focus on the more demanding tasks ahead.

Get the closets spaces redone for the new year’s school wardrobe. Every year, as the children have gone through another growth spurt and last year’s school clothing are needing to be replaced, you’ll also need the space to store the new, ridding yourself of the old. Regardless, space may need some serious attention. Start by purging anything that isn’t going to fit the little ones and donate to a local charity such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill. There are locations throughout the country including 300 SW 2nd Ave in Boca Raton, FL 33432.

Speaking of closets, if you’ve been considering a remodel adding more shelving and cabinets, The Closet Edition offer custom designing and craftsmanship keeping your wardrobe intact. The children will enjoy all the little cubby spaces for socks and belts. Consider adding a hidden laundry hamper or a combination of closet systems to make dressing in the morning a breeze. You’ll want to take a few of these helpful tips found on The Closet Edition’s website to make organizing simple.

• Sort Shoes by Occasion rather than color.

• Utilize hooks for hanging jackets, scarves and book bags

• Design maximizing the space

These quick tips will come in handy for your pre-school organization.

Stock up on snacks and organize the pantry for easy access. Making school lunches can be a daunting task. However, maximizing space in the kitchen and breakfast areas can make life more harmonious for everyone. For instance, the pantry is a spot where the kids and their friends frequently visit. Consider a shopping visit at The Container Store at Town Center Mall. If you love being organized, this is a store that will have you strolling the isles with glee. The kitchen starter kits are simply amazing for storing snacks, random packages, and even your bulk foods. Whatever the case may be, your children, young and old, will enjoy the easy access to their favorite items.

Bathroom Blunders That Will Make Your Child’s Prep Time Faster & Other Organizing Tips.

Bathrooms are a spot that can be overlooked for establishing a hygiene depot. You want to ensure, those mornings when the kids get up late, cleaning up can be done quickly. Keeping hair care products such as blow dryers and hair straighteners in tidy places will make your week without the stress. We also suggest stocking up on items such as toilet paper and cotton balls, so the tedious tasks of picking these products up from your store visit are pre-planned.

Keep your child school-ready by joining a book club or writing class. While the children are anticipating the reunion of their school mates, you can give their education a turbo boost of studies such as a writing class. Speak to the concierge of your country club to get info on their storytelling hour for the toddlers and early school children. Offer encouragement to the older kids to be involved in after school activities such as book clubs. These activities will help keep skills sharp even before the school year begins.

Know Your Country Club’s Rules for Bus Stops in our article last year we mention using caution with the school buses. While that rule remains intact, another would be to check with your country club’s management to ensure you’re in the know when it comes to rules at bus stops. In most cases, you probably drive your children or carpool, but in the event, the kids want or need to take a bus, be sure you’re informing them on the way to stay safe.

Other than closet organizing and bus stops, your children can take the fast track for being school-ready by taking a stay vacation. As you can imagine, the kids may be stressing a bit about meeting new classmates or perhaps this is a whole new school for them. What better way to enjoy the rest of the summer and eliminate anxiety than to plan a staycation. As you already know, Boca Raton is the home for many resorts. You can treat the kids to a weekend at The Pelican Grand or Boca Raton Resort & Club. If you don’t want to take the kids but need some time to regroup before school starts, then consider The Breakers Palm Beach for a bit of elegant pampering. While the kids may be in total chaos, you’ll be calm and collected.

Whether you or your kids are on the path for a good school year, it helps to take a deep breath and hang on. Get organized, eliminate clutter and stress and learn to enjoy the process. Keep in mind, children grow up, and you can have your peace and quiet when they’ve moved on. For now, learn to enjoy the journey.

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