Making Boca Raton Your 2019 Home and Hot Spot for Fun

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Monday, January 28th, 2019 at 1:23pm.

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Boca Raton Neighborhood Where Dreams Come True

While many parts of the country have experienced a slight cut back, Boca Raton neighborhoods continue to be a place where dreams come true. If you’ve been considering making Boca Raton your hot spot for fun, 2019 might be the year to invest in your ocean or coastal home. This South Florida community is where you can dive in with exceptional construction whether you’re looking for a country club mansion or a luxury penthouse property. Here are some things for your further consideration and why this territory is five-star quality.

Historical Landmarks

Since the days of Addison Mizner, Boca Raton has evolved into an affluent in vogue area for housing and activity. But the location has progressed from an attractive tourist zone to a place where you can plant your roots. Some well-noted landmarks that are must-see locations are the Boca Raton Resort & Club, the Lavender House, and Old Floresta Historic District. These distinguished landmarks feature a robust narrative that carves out the popularity of the trendy community. From days gone by, to the present time, Boca Raton has been an attraction for celebrities and jet-setters around the world. Boca’s history includes sugar plantations to a resort hot spot for many people throughout the years. However, with Florida Atlantic University and a nice variety of single-family neighborhoods, the area has now become popular amongst those looking to raise kids and more. While the area was once a snow-bird destination, this Palm Beach County city has become an attraction for people at all stages of life. Because of this area having a rich history being at one of the most desired locations in Florida, you can see why so many people would invest and how this area has grown. Overall, you can’t beat the place because of so many assets.

Boca Raton Offers Excellence in Education from Elementary to College 

When it comes to education, Boca Raton offers a 5-star rating with most of the institutions in town. Addison Mizner Elementary, Del Prado and the Don Estridge Technical high school locations keep students abreast of innovation as well as offer literacy for all cultures. No matter what background, this is an area that proves to direct and guide their youth. Enriching programs such as those found at the Boca Raton Museum of Art and Florida Atlantic University are a way to a bright and happy future. Many of our residents have invested in property where they can also fund in their children’s future. Also, the area received an A- rating for its schools. This is one huge factor for those seeking a community that is ideal for raising a family and one you might want to keep close on your radar.

Employment is on the Rise

Since the beginning of time, Boca Raton has been on the report of being one of the best cities to work in the Sunshine State. Ranked as #6 best cities for employment by Wallethub. Two significant factors included job market, and the socioeconomic environment is winning with an even lower 3.9% unemployment rating. Moreover, some luxury developments are on the rise and will place an even higher spike in employment at places such as Mandarin Oriental, Lucky’s Market and a new Bowling Alley will continue to hire making an even healthier market for those living in this coastal town. This type of economy is what drives the homeowners to escrow and will continue to make our city even more attractive to homeowners throughout 2019.

Shop till You Drop Attitudes a Must!

Speaking of employment and places such as Lucky’s Market, make shopping a breeze. Trader Joes, Wholefoods a weekend farmer’s market are all at your disposal with tons of food choices. Regardless of diet, it doesn’t matter what goods or products you’re seeking, Boca Raton is equipped to meet your needs.- Auto dealers such as Tesla can be found right at the shopping mall along with other retailers who are eager to serve. Just about every auto brand is here as well including Mercedes to Supreme Motors who keep you looking good while on the road. Clothing outfitters are found at Mizner Park, Town Center, and the Glades Plaza which help you with the latest fashions. In other words, you’ll never be bored spending money at any of these upscale destinations.

Outstanding Real Estate and Design

Besides a historical community, tons of employment and shopping the real estate found at Boca Raton is one of the most elite in the state of Florida. Most homeowners claim ‘Victory’ after making an investment at our many locations. It’s hard to deny this area being one of the most sought after with so much variety. You’ve got spectacular views along the coastline and Intracoastal where captivating scenery is right outside your window. In addition to the outstanding properties found along the waterways, you can also celebrate your love for golf or tennis in any number of the country club estates. These gated communities are colossal when it comes to family entertainment, social atmospheres, and tranquil yet lively swimming pools. Not to mention, construction is of the highest quality. Whether you’re seeking a posh and modern penthouse on the beach or you’d like a vacation home off the lake, Boca Raton’s housing market dominates with variety in housing. Styling is also uniquely lacking in cookie-cutter designing. From contemporary to the Mediterranean, you’ll find just about every type of architecture with jaw-dropping features. While we may sound partial, we’d like to challenge you to see listings that are nothing less than sensational. The housing market persuades you to make your dreams come true with a Boca Raton hot spot. You’ll be delighted with the high-caliber of activity, employment, and schools. We’re certain any of our listings will tantalize you with so much to offer.

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