Landscaping Sets Your Boca Raton Backdrop for a Beautiful Home

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Monday, May 20th, 2019 at 1:30pm.

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The Importance of Landscaping for Home Sales

Landscaping plays a vital role when it comes to selling your Boca Raton home. For instance, the attractiveness of a property can either make or break a sale. In addition, your property's value will generally increase when you leave a good first impression. In this week's article, we point out the importance of landscaping and how it can increase your chances of a sale. 

Why is Landscaping So Important?

Botanical elements help beautify your home setting with a backdrop that creates curb appeal. The exterior of any property is the first thing people see when it comes to residential real estate. Lush green lawns, swaying palm trees, and plenty of colorful flowers can increase your chances of selling a home faster. Home buyers who are looking for turn-key solutions are also seeking home listings with complete grounds. We recommend ensuring your landscaping company is on point if you are contemplating any type of home sale this year. Schedule routine maintenance with the lawn company making sure the company keeps a weekly visit manicuring lawns, cutting back shrubs and any other regular conservation.

Why Regular Maintenance?

Plants proliferate in warm climates such as what we encounter in Boca Raton. Also, this time of year, we face many storms with high winds that can create a mess on your lawn. Mini-tornadoes can turn up trees, and throw debris, making your yard look like destruction has hit. For those of you who live here all year, you'll see the havoc the storms create right away. However, if your Florida home is your vacation home, you may not be here to see the damage. Therefore, if you do not live in the area 12-months out of the year, be sure to work with a landscape company who is highly recommended and pays attention to detail. As you can imagine, a sale can be lost if there are fragments of last week's storm thrown about the yard or landing.

Landscaping is Big Business in the Florida Housing Market

According to Lawn & Landscape in the year 2017, the combined revenue for landscaping companies was $9.6B. That's big business when it comes to the Florida Housing Market. Florida is also listed as having some of the top companies for landscaping. As you can imagine with tons of sunshine, being in a tropical climate where there's always precipitation, Floridians experience a ton of plant growth. Those plants can frequently create a mess if not coiffed and maintained. Furthermore, landscaping companies know they are necessary if people are looking to keep their real estate investment in top shape. Moreover, if you're looking to sell a property, the exterior must have the proper care to make it appeal regardless of the cost.

The Difference Between Landscaping and Hardscaping

In Boca Raton, you may hear the word "hardscaping" when speaking to landscapers. There's a difference between the two. Hardscaping refers more to items such as decks, pavers, stones, and walkways. Landscaping deals with lawns, shrubs, and plants. However, your landscaping company may quote you prices on maintaining both. For instance, they may need to repair edging around a garden bed or your walkway. Keep in mind, lawn edging materials can range between metal, plastic, and concrete where weeds and other aggravating objects can create a nuisance. A good landscaping company will make recommendations as well as repair these troublesome areas in the yard. Keep in mind, for home sales you'll want to be individual walkways and sidewalks are kept clean to avoid a dangerous situation. More importantly, to give your potential home buyers an excellent first impression. Paths with tons of jagged edges or hanging debris can be a real turn off to any home buyer.

Townsend Place Sets the Perfect Example of Landscaping

Condominiums and luxury home developments are typically dialed into excellent landscaping companies in the area. Residents enjoy driving up to the property and seeing the beautiful plant displays such as what you'll find at Townsend Place. This community makes an excellent presentation with lush tropical plants and trees that join the rolling green of the golf course. You can see the architects spent ample time on designing where these gorgeous and natural elements are part of the art canvas. The type of landscaping they use was meant to leave a lasting impression, and That's what gardening does for any homeowner.

Don’t Ignore the Balcony

If you're looking to sell your condo, be sure to decorate your balcony or terrace prior to a sale. This is a home buyers hot spot, and you can easily create a welcoming environment with backyard plants throughout this part of the condominium. Create buying signs by staging the lanai with some fresh flowers or palms. You can also grow a small garden with patio tomatoes or peppers. The idea here is to create homeownership in the prospect's mind. People who buy property in Florida are looking for ways to enjoy their outdoor living spaces and plants help their decision process. In other words, don't ignore your back patio if you're looking to sell.

Lastly, certain plants also play a role in repelling bugs such as mosquitoes. However, they can also attract insects, such as bees. If you're looking to sell your home, be sure to select the right type of flowers and foliage to avoid any issues when your home buyers show up for an open house. Believe it or not, those beautiful marigolds might just deter unwelcome guests such as mosquitoes to your next open house!

We hope this article was helpful and gives you additional thought as to why landscaping is so important. Yards and balconies that provide beautiful backdrops will help increase your ability to sell faster than if you're yard is drab and dreary. Also, make sure you pay attention to the landscaping and beautification of the backyard and lanai areas to draw more interest. By making sure your home is staged for selling, including a well-maintained lawn, you'll be taking the proper measures to make an excellent first impression.

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