Hurricane Preparedness for Luxury Condo Homeowners in Boca Raton 2019

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Monday, June 10th, 2019 at 12:56pm.

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Knowledge is Power, and You'll Need this Info in Case Your Lights Go Out

As many of you know, Florida's hurricane season is now in full swing. While the ocean is busy warming up, so is our potential to identify with preparedness. Luxury condo homeowners have just as much responsibility when it comes to protecting their property as anyone else. While knowledge is Power, so is preparing for a storm event if you live in Boca Raton during 2019. Read on to learn more on how you can protect yourself and property in this year's 2019 hurricane season.

Know What Your Homeowner’s Insurance Covers for 2019

The first step to prepare for a hurricane or increment weather event is to read through and understand your insurance policy. You'll want to speak to an agent if you don't understand the fine print. However, there's plenty of reasons to read through and have knowledge of your coverage. In other words, know what your homeowner's insurance covers during and after a storm. For instance, some homeowner's insurance policies exclude wind-related incidents.

Moreover, be sure to understand your deductible since there can be a higher amount that will incur if your area is prone to hurricanes. Also, flood damage and storm surge are typical during and after a hurricane. Be aware of any exclusions and investigate getting additional coverage from places like the National Flood Insurance Program. No matter what the case may be, your mortgage company or lender will want to know you're managing your structure and belongings to ensure your property is safe.

Do These Things Before You Vacate Your 2nd Home?

Next, since hurricane season is from June 1st – November 30th, many seasonal residents will also need to pre-plan before moving to their primary residence. Be sure to unplug power outlets if items such as lamps aren't necessary while you're gone. Also, don't leave any objects on your terrace or balcony as things like plants and lawn furniture can become projectiles and cause severe damage during bad weather. In most cases, you'll want to contact the concierge to your HOA to find out if any other items need addressing before your vacancy. Also, be sure to adequate coverage for your vacation homes, so there are no surprises later or after a storm. Some other items can include taking pictures and videos of your property and articles before leaving. If you have hurricane impact windows, contact the installers and repair any faulty windows. Moreover, if you have hurricane shutters on your property, use them before heading back home. These smaller inconveniences will save you from the more significant problems later.

Notify Management About Potential Hazards

Tree trimming is typically the responsibility of the association or HOA. However, if you live in a luxury condo or high rise, be sure to contact the management of the association, letting them know of any significant or dangerous looking branches. Palm trees are prevalent around Boca Raton and for the most part, is hurricane ready. However, coconuts and loose prawns can become a hazard in heavy winds. Be sure to acknowledge any issues with your HOA manager if you have tree branches or see large palm seeds that need removing before the storm hits.

Make sure your HOA or building management has your updated information. It's your responsibility to ensure the managers have your recent information. Be sure to contact them and keep your contact info updated, so they know how and where to reach you if they need to reach you.

Your Hurricane Survival Kit for Boca Raton Condo Owners

If you live in a luxury condo and plan on staying in Florida during the season, then be sure to get a plan together. Know where your shelters and escape routes are in the event you must evacuate. Also, it's imperative to create a survival kit. A survival kit can help you feel peace of mind but can also save a life. Items to include would be the following:

• Non-perishable food for up to three days

• Cases of Water

• Battery powered radio (don't forget to add new batteries)

• Flashlight with extra batteries

• Dust masks

• Tools such as pliers, hammer and wrench

• Can opener

• Plenty of cash in the event ATM's aren't working

• Maps in case WIFI isn't accessible on your smartphone

• A whistle or some loud noise maker to signal for help

• Baby wipes or wet disposable towels for sanitation

• Fire extinguisher (know how to use one of these)

• Matches and lighters (the kind for lighting a BBQ grill are ideal)

• Paper plates, napkins and other items you can dispose of after use

• Warm blankets or sleeping bags (yes, it can get cold after a hurricane)

• First Aid Kit

Important Items to Help You with Hurricane Preparedness

Besides, you'll want to make sure you have an ample supply of medication, pet food household cleaner, etc., as these things will most certainly come in handy if the Power and water goes.

Also, know your bank account information. You may need this info if the Power goes out or if the bank's intranet becomes null before and after the storm.

While this article may be helpful to you, another good idea is to meet with the board at your HOA when they discuss hurricane issues. They will also give your insight on what to do in the event a storm should impact the building. The association will also be helpful, giving you essential tips, such as securing your doors and windows from intruders.

If you're a homeowner who lives in Boca Raton during the winter, you'll want to check with the manager to find out what you'll need to do before heading back home. These individuals will help you create a checklist that will keep you and your belongings safe. By taking the extra measures necessary before a hurricane happens, you'll be safe and so will others in the area. Don't rely on the Power of your cell phone for storing important information such as bank account and emergency numbers. Write these things down and store them in a safe place where you can remember. Often a storm will kick out the Power, and there's not always a guarantee of timing for when the Power returns.

We hope you find this information useful, helping spark your basic game plan in the event there's some rough weather ahead.

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