How South Florida Agents are Dealing with Corona Virus

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Monday, March 23rd, 2020 at 2:38pm.

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There’s No Shortage of Homes in Boca Raton During Covid19 Outbreak

While the rest of the world is dealing with an outbreak of Corona Virus, there are people who are shopping for a home despite the trying times. As some homeowners’ question selling during this pandemic, homes are still in demand amongst the luxury communities. Take a read to learn how South Florida agents are dealing with the Corona Virus to determine there’s no shortage of homes in Boca Raton during the Covid19 outbreak. 

Interest Rates are Swinging Up and Down Driving Uncertainty

In the wake of the virus reaching the East Coast, people are scrambling with plans to sell or buy. In addition, interest rates swing to and from making mortgages favorable for many. Even though the virus has spread along the United States shoreline, its not stopping the real estate market from booming. Boca Raton is no exception, offering a healthy and robust community and seeing some significant pros and cons with our housing market. Sometimes, homeowners are taking the leap and buying up less expensive investments while others are listing while the market remains tough. Unlike the issues faced after the 9-11 disaster, homeowners and buyers remain positive and so do real estate agents and brokers. 

Shopping for a Home During the Crisis

This is the best time to shop online for a home in Boca Raton. Many of the realtors are taking more calls with working from their home offices. Things like virtual tours and videos of properties are receiving a decent amount of hits. Even the nation faces difficult times, real estate is the one thing that is ‘tried and true.’

Take Advantage of Your Realtor’s Knowledge

If you’re home trying to avoid crowds remember, you’ll have additional hours to look through listings. Ask your agent to send property details and take advantage of the downtime to research the home or condominium. Our real estate professionals suggest doing a deep dive learning about the neighborhood crime rate, schools and more. Learn as much as you can while you’re staying in and staying away from others. Not only will you have more information about the properties where you’ll have an interest, you’ll be creating positive energy that will last during this weird outbreak. 

Virtual Tour and Video Viewing

While you’re doing your shopping for a home online and in the safety of your current dwelling, you can watch the videos, view the images and take a virtual tour of the homes. You can view more properties by reviewing homes for sales online, narrowing down the homes you’re most interested. When you find a property, you want to visit in person, contact your agent who can meet you there.

Get Creative and Include Your Realtor

Since we have no way of knowing when the event will be over, we need to get creative if we will take advantage of discounted deals. Ask the realtor if they expect any discounted prices or if there’s room for negotiating on desired homes. 

Country Club and Neighborhoods

Remember. If you’re looking to buy in a country club community, there’s additional charges and a mandatory membership on most home sales. Also, HOA neighborhoods will carry fees and it’s good to do this research while you have the extra time.  This way you’ll be more prepared of what the bottom-line entails. 

Your Neighbors During Crisis

Besides doing your research, you’ll learn how the communities help their neighbors during a time of crisis. This intel could be important when buying property in South Florida or Palm Beach County. The reason for needing to be knowledgeable is having a close relationship with your friends and neighbors is often necessary during things like hurricane season. The Corona Virus could give some clarity of how you’ll be cared for if needed when challenging times are ahead. Agents will give you more info and help you stay in touch with people who will be there when you’re in need. 

Use Tools Like Skype and Facetime During Covid19

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but our office of professionals continues pushing through their workday with confidence. These individuals are career minded and customer service oriented. Many agents are dealing with Covid19 as a chance to reconnect and network through Skype, Zoom or Facetime. 

Florida Properties Resist

When looking to hire an agent to help you find Florida properties, measure how they handle resistance and difficult times. Realtors face many challenges throughout their career. You will not want to work with an agent who is taking this crucial time to fold. You need to trust the professional you’ve hired to go to bat for you, even when the going gets tough. Whether its hurricanes or the flu, a pro agent will not allow these outside issues prevent them from doing an excellent job. Speak with your prospects and find out how they handle difficult challenges, then determine if you can work together whether it's to buy or sell. 

Your Realtor Builds Strong Relationships for Luxury Markets

Chances are you’ll build a strong relationship with your realtor where you’ll work together for years to come. Follow them on social media and be sure to stay in touch. The professional real estate agent is constantly honing their craft and keeping their clients informed on important details, such as interest rates and market changes. They’ll help you focus when times are tough. Also, top agents find no shortage with networking with potential home buyers and sellers. This is key for working within the luxury market. Unlike many single-family homes, realtors who work in the luxury community know they need customers who will qualify for the right loans and will be the right homeowners for your condo or estate. Equal opportunity and the fair housing act are also important, and a professional realtor will not discriminate or use sketchy business practices. The pro agent knows who is seeking investments and who is looking to sell, therefore they can make valuable connections keeping their clients 100% satisfied. 

While South Florida agents deal with Covid19, the real estate market continues to keep moving. If you’re doing your research on properties in the area, our professional staff is here to answer questions. Once this tragedy is over, everyone will go back to living as normal. Now is a great time to focus on the future and not dwell on the rough times surrounding. 

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