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Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Monday, January 6th, 2020 at 1:31pm.

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Tips for Designing Your Home Fitness Center

Since the beginning of time man has searched for ways to lose weight after the holiday season. While you may have spent the last few months gaining a few pounds, there’s hope for quickly shedding the unwanted fat. One of the biggest home trends for the month of January are setting goals and people are turning those unused spaces into home gyms to meet their New Year’s Resolutions. Here are some design tips for you to create your athletic center. 

Plan Out the Space Before You Begin

Fitness centers can come in many shapes and sizes. The first step you must take is to consider if your additional space or that extra room is big enough to do what you want? Do you have enough square-footage to put a full weight set or do you only need enough room for a yoga mat? No matter what the case entails, you must measure and plan out that space to accommodate. 

Flooring is Vital to a Healthy Work Out

After you finish determining the specifications, you’ll want to envision the rooms possibilities. Flooring is one of the most important surfaces you must consider making your daily fitness plan as comfortable as possible. Rubber matting are excellent solutions and you can find them in a variety of retailers such as Amazon and Home Depot. There are also plenty of sites online that will sell and deliver things like rubber tiles making your search easy. However, if you’re looking to design a large space, you may be better off hiring someone like Fitness Smith from Boynton Beach to help with the dimensions. 

Use Windows and Natural Light for Your Focal Point

Use windows if you can for focal points to place your treadmill or elliptical machines. Depending on the set-up a place where you can incorporate a window can serve a few purposes such as opening the area for fresh air to having a focal point to motivating you to keep going even when you’re too tired. Sometimes, residents have placed their equipment on the balcony as they make most with concrete flooring. However, you may find working outdoors is just too hot for South Florida. 

Mirrors and Walls Make Your Home Gym Complete

Mirrors and walls, are you other consideration when designing a home health club. If you’re planning on placing a bike in the room, include a flat screen tv for your indoor cycling. However, if you’re conscious of isolating your lift, mirrors are necessary to watch your muscles and flex. In addition, those who love more of a freestyle aerobic or yoga also enjoy reflection to monitor form. You can use paint for the rest of the room to keep your inspiration. 

Paint the Space Like You Mean It!

Paint colors should reflect your personality. If you love nature, use wood or shiplap to give a more rugged feel to the space your remodeling. White, yellow, black are all colors we’ve seen throughout Boca Raton home gyms. It’s truly a personal reflection of what helps keep you rocking out the repetitions. 

Pony Walls are Ideal for Free Weight Display

Pony walls and half walls make excellent spots to place your free-weights. Because most barbel sets come with sturdy stands a shorter wall is ideal for placing these items. However, you can also configure a larger wall with your flat screen tv over the top. The best part is it's all a matter of preference. 

Warning for Hanging Heavy Items in Your Home Gym

Word to the wise. If you plan on hanging a heavy item such as a punching bag, be sure your home can accommodate. Not only are these heavy, they make noise where your neighbors living above or below may not appreciate the sound. In addition, you’ll want to ensure the structure can uphold hours of swinging without tearing down a roof or ceiling. 

Lighting is Important for Your Fitness Goals

Lighting is yet another component of the gym design where you’ll want to give consideration. Going back to preference, you may want tons of light, or very little. Idealistically if you can have adjustable lighting is best. Track lights can make a nice alternative and many of them will take adjusting light bulbs. If you’re fortunate enough, windows are the perfectly natural way to illuminate luxury gyms. Be sure to incorporate those sunrays. 

Storage and Shelving Makes for a Neat Space

Seek storage alternatives for equipment such as medicine balls, boxing gloves and stretch bands. Consider shelving, closets or hooks for ways to keep these items off the floor. 

What About the Kids?

Don’t forget about the kiddos or grandkids. Depending on the age of the child, be sure to make an area for the baby or a playroom for the younger kids while you do your routine. You want to ensure the child’s safety keeping them away from heavy weights or ropes etc., 

Etc., Etc., Etc.,

Be sure to build places for you to store clean towels, a sound system and have a clock as additional considerations. 

Be Aware of Noise

Speaking of noise, if you cycle or run on a treadmill, be sure to get one that is noise free. Some of these machines are great for toning up but bad for your neighbors and roommates.

Anything Goes in You Training Room

For home gym ideas or training rooms, anything goes. We’ve seen just about everything from basketball courts to small lofts transform into these unique custom spaces. If you’re thinking about selling a home, these rooms can add value to the price as they are a popular request among today’s home buyers.

Many Boca Ratonians turn that extra room or garage into a space for exercising and doing an activity. These solutions offer an alternative, if you’re not interested in working out and are seeking privacy or exclusivity. While many of our luxury condominiums and country clubs offer such an amenity, it’s sometimes nicer to work out in the peace of your own home. Until next time, push that iron and get fit! 

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