Going Green in the Boca Raton Real Estate Market

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Monday, July 17th, 2017 at 6:06pm.

Going green in Boca Raton for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 071717

Homeowners are Buying More Time for Mother Earth

Conserving energy is an important topic these days. While many new homes are being built, some existing properties are beginning to take a deeper dive when it comes to going green. Boca Raton is an area that is widely popular amongst luxury markets, and when housing is on the forefront, many of our buyers are developing a clear conscious seeking the smart way to improve and save energy. In this week’s blog, we discuss how some of the great properties are designed to maximize and conserve.

Leaning Toward an Overabundance and Not a Shortage

When it comes to green living, there’s an overabundance of things you can do to adhere to being more earth conscious. Furthermore, if you want your children and grandchildren to live in a clean world, you will have to make the transition sooner rather than later. If you follow some of the methods found here, you’ll have no problem and will sleep better at night. Not to mention, you’ll have a pure environment to live within.

Almost 10% of Today’s Home Shoppers are Seeking Energy Efficient R.E.

Of course, we all want to try at seeking new ways or alternative methods to be resourceful. Things such as using compost, recycling and using less are always a great idea. As a matter of fact, 9% of buyers today are seeking homes that already utilize some environment friendly tactics before they purchase.

Recycling Can Impact our Environment

As an example of how much recycling things like cans can make a huge impact on the environment. “The Aluminum Association estimates that the energy saved by recycling a single aluminum can could power a television for 3 hours.” If this is true, then why doesn’t everyone take on the ideology recycling is a positive aspect of daily living?

The Economist Reveals the Cost of Disposing

In another article found in The Economist, the country chucks away $11.4 billion worth of recyclable containers and packaging annually, according to As You Sow, an advocacy group. With all these numbers, it’s evident that we aren’t doing enough in the United States to do our due diligence.

However, there’s plenty of things you can focus on besides recycling and turning off your air conditioning to be more of a conservationist.

Make a Difference Today, Change Your Bulbs

One of the first items that are extremely easy to renovate your home is to switch to fluorescent lighting. Almost every home in Boca Raton most likely is using this type of lighting. However, you’d be surprised how many aren’t. By taking the time to switch over, you’ll already be saving a quarter of your energy throughout the year!

We Floridians Need Our AC but Does the Environment?

Next, we Floridians like to run our air conditioning 24/7. Unless you live near the ocean, or on a lake, you’re most likely running this unit all day, every day. Many of today’s newer heating and cooling units are built to be green friendly. If you haven’t replaced your system, contact a company that can recommend the proper size and other specifications necessary for saving electricity.

Your Appliances Could Need an Energy Star Replacement

In addition to changing out your air conditioner, another excellent way to make a difference is by using smart appliances. Items such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators can cost quite a bit to run. Since the homes are larger when you live in a country club or penthouse other larger is the trend. The appliances tend to be bigger in places such as the kitchen. Gourmet kitchens with double wide refrigerators, tend to cost more to run. Be sure to look for energy efficient appliances for your home. In fact, most high-end appliances will carry the energy star logo if they meet proper compliance.

Florida Power and Light is On Your Side

Other than the devices, much of real estate in Palm Beach County are taking extra steps such as installing solar panels, or some alternative. At the same time, Florida Power and Light describes their Clean Energy programs with Solar, Natural Gas and even biodiesel fuels to make people more aware. FPL is dedicated to educating the public on this topic as customers are more likely to use less of the electric grid which gives them a break. In some cases, and when the government has the funding, people installing hydroelectric power, wind energy and solar are likely to receive a refund. These types of renewable energy are positively making serious divergence.

Penthouses and Condo Estates Are in on the Action

Besides country club homes changing lifestyles, penthouses, high rise condos and townhomes are included in the battle for a clean earth. Many of our listings are in buildings that abide by sustainable living that may include green friendly materials, recycling bins and more. In spite of the residents who may live in these units, the management of the buildings is most likely leaning toward saving energy. Properties like Townsend Place take great pride on providing their homeowners with conservative solutions. In some cases, communities such as the Addison are motivated and have just completed new roofing that is meant to reduce energy costs.

New Technologies are Being Introduced in Boca Raton

To point out, the roofing company utilized an innovative solution called “Cool Roof” which absorbs less heat than a conventional roof. Important to realize the heat factor in a place like South Florida and in particular the Addison on the Ocean in Boca Raton. For this reason, alone, there’s plenty of reason to do a renovation. These roof designs are ideal and it’s great to see the developments that are making improvements that benefit both the homeowner as well as the planet.

Recycling Made Easy for You

Besides the companies doing a better job at energy conservation, the city of Boca Raton makes it easy for the owner to find recycling facilities by visiting www.advanceddisposal.com which services both residential and commercial. Be sure to visit the site to learn how and where to go when needing to dispose of waste. Don’t forget to recycle your batteries and tires and the best part is they will pick up!

Indeed, we all love to be pampered, and it’s safe to say, so does Mother Earth. But, rather than spoiling her, if we have a greener conscious when buying a home, we will be part of the bigger picture. If we do an 'Energy Conscious Makeover,' we will be reaching new levels of protecting our children, and their children making the world a safer place. Take the challenge and do something once a day to shift in a positive direction. It may take some getting used to, but it beats the alternative.

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