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Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019 at 2:34pm.

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Some Key Tips to Get You Motivated After Moving

While most people are apprehensive when it comes to moving, many Boca Ratonians find encouragement when it comes to relocating. Many elements, such as weather, activity, and living, lends to an awakening for even our newest residents. Here are some essential tips to get you motivated and find inspiration in Fabulous Boca Raton, Florida.

Visit the Casablanca-Style Resorts for Inspiration

Boca Raton is notorious for being a hub for high influential people and properties. Take for instance what was once the Cloister Inn built by Addison Mizner, is now known as a Waldorf Astoria Premier Property. This building is full of inspiration, including the "Casablanca-Style" architecture. Whether you're sitting on the beachfront or booking a day on the golf course, The Boca Raton Resort & Club is a memorable landmark every resident should experience at least once. The venue is only minutes from some of the most luxurious condominium complexes, such as Townsend Place making a day at the resort even more convenient. For those of you who may be boating enthusiasts or own a yacht, they offer docking slips and cater to those looking to tie up for the day or night. Besides the boating aspect, this resort is full of history about South Florida, where you could be touched by the gorgeous atmosphere throughout the famous hotel. Whether you're into golfing or would like to have a day relaxing at the spa, we recommend spending some time getting to know this brilliant icon for our city.

Imagination and Creativity are Always at Boca Raton Museum of Art

Next, imagination and cleverness are what people are seeking when they visit a museum. The creative works of many artists visit places such as The Boca Raton Museum of Art. This building has opened both doors and minds since the 1950s and continues to build excellent relationships with residents and tourists alike. Besides time-limited exhibitions, you have endless possibilities taking classes at the private art school or can become a philanthropist for the Artist's Guild. No matter what the case may entail, the museum offers a contemporary atmosphere and is a real treat for anyone living in places such as Mizner Court as it's within the walkable neighborhood. A delightful way to spend an afternoon, take some time, and get to know this unique and inspirational landmark.

Musical Artists and Local Events Cure Boredom

Besides the inspiring work of artists, music is also a considerable part of Boca Raton's historical community. Mizner Park's Amphitheater will prove just that and offers a variety of entertainment where most of the shows at the venue are free. Close to developments such as 200 East, this famous Boca Raton hot spot includes more than bands and musical performances. Mizner Park is also the home for many favorite stores such as Lord & Taylor and Tommy Bahama. However, this is also a central location for many of the city's events. For instance, the Christmas Tree Lighting is held in this well-known square and is frequently a gathering zone for friends and family during holiday celebrations. If you're new to the area, you'll want to explore the eateries and activity found at Mizner Park.

Be Awakened at South Beach

Another place you can't help but have an awakening is along the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean. The small strip of beach property found at 400 North State Road, or A1A is commonly known as South Beach. The exclusive area designated primarily for Boca Residents. The beach includes close to 25-acres of land, swimming and surf areas, making it an ideal spot for bringing the kids and guests from out of town. Also, you can ride your bicycle along any of the biking paths if you live at Sabal Point or The Beresford. No matter where you are in the city, there's easy access to the park but not much parking. Moreover, that deters tourists and outsiders from taking up land at the beach, making it more accessible for residents and locals. We highly recommend getting to know this area as it's part of the many amenities found in the city.

Ocean Reef Towers Gets the Best of Both Bodies of Water

Not only will you become inspired at the beach, but you'll find some of our favorite parks and recreation along the A1A. Take off instance Spanish River Park nestles between Lake Rodgers and the Atlantic Ocean making it an ideal location for some prime fishing. Moreover, if you enter these areas by boat, the traffic and parking aren't an issue. The homeowners at Ocean Reef Towers provides access to both bodies of water is conveniently located on the peninsula. As you can imagine, once known as the Boca Raton Lagoon, Spanish River Park is a delightful place where you can view exotic wildlife, manatees, and unique bird species. The park itself is also a terrific location to write, relax, or paint. No matter what your activity entails, you'll love the surroundings at this unique park.

Fill Your Afternoon with the Delightful Morikami Japanese Gardens

Lastly, a favorite tourist and locals generate stimulus is at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. Close to communities such as Sabal Pine and 111 First Delray, this gorgeous park will spark your creativity as well as teach you about the once owned sugar farmers. Besides the history of the grounds, the museum includes Japanese-inspired architecture as well as tons of wildlife that call the park "home." You'll see wildlife such as gators perched along the shoreline of the ponds. You'll also view over 50-species of birds and plants. It's a magical place and one that Boca Raton residents frequently visit.

Now that you've learned about these terrific and inspiring memorials, we recommend you get out and get involved. You'll find there are tons of things to see and do in our city where your imagination can blaze with the mentioned vantage points. Get motivated, inspired, and take advantage of all the fabulous Boca Raton has to offer.

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