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There is a vast culture in the Southern Florida area for local and international artists. That being said it's a mecca for mature and evolving artists wanting to share their craft of highbrow art with public and private collectors. It’s no wonder why painters, sculptors and craftsmen look toward this area as a hub for getting exposure. The beautiful scenery, architecture and diversity of the landscape proves to be an abundance of subject matter.
Boca Raton Museum of Art

Almost every weekend a neighboring town is celebrating designers and artisans. You'll want to spend a splendid day hopping to local museums and galleries in Boca Raton or Delray taking in the eclectic world of art.  We’ve compiled some of Boca’s Galleries along with a quick look at an opportunity to appreciate art, enjoying a foundation of some the local art events.

In the Boca Raton Museum of Art, you’ll find pieces from renowned artists like Andy Warhol and Norman Sunshine to name a few. You'll be surrounded both indoors and out with over 5,000 different displays.  Dip into a part of history with the Jean and David Colker Collection which has a strong Classic period of sculptures and artifacts.  These artifacts are from many corners of the world like Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica.  Some of the figures are from as early as 2000-250 B.C.E. and represent the cultures from those regions.  If your taste leans more toward Modern or Contemporary art, don’t forget to see the incredible abstracts from New York’s Al Held (1928-2005). Held was an Expressionist painter who studied geometry and light which is obvious to his series.   The museum also houses a beautiful collection of Asian Art from Buddhists, Muslims and of course images from India. This venue hosts lessons for learning basics to advanced level classes. This is one location that will help inspire you to create your own series of keepsakes.

Another gallery that you’ll find inspirational with paintings and sculptures is the Baker Sponder Gallery. Located off Banyan Trail in Boca Raton this repertory caters to affluent crowds.  This gallery only accepts submissions from important modern and contemporary artists for their consignment policy.  Meaning you must be an advanced artist to display or exhibit at this here.   There are approximately twenty-seven artists featured on their website. The current line-up has a large variety of fine art from abstract paintings to elegant sculptures fitting nicely with any décor.  Baker Sponder will be showcasing some of their expert creations at the Art Wynwood Pavilion in Midtown on Feb 11th, 2016.  Some of the artists featured are Stanley Boxer, Mauro Perucchetti, and Dan Christesen. 

What you’ll find at Vertu Fine Art is some incredible pieces from Roy Lichtenstein, Alex Katz. Henri Matisse and Kaws.  The owner and native New Yorker, Gary Santoro are one of South Florida’s well known art collectors, and has a thirst for Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism. Santoro's goal was to bring Contemporary Art from the New York art scene in this area over a decade ago.  You’ll discover the crème de la crème of fine art within these gallery walls.  It seems the gallery enjoys toying with such controversial artist’s like Banksy and Shepard Fairey. Fairey, who is awaiting trial for attaching posters to some of Detroit’s structures without permission is being charged an estimated $24,000 in damages for restoration to the city.  These stories are part of the magic and mystery that keeps the visitors of Vertu coming back.

Roy Lichenstein Painter

Rosenbaum Contemporary has been intriguing the art collectors and enthusiasts since 1979.  In this premier art gallery, you’ll find some of the most innovative and risky photographs, mixed media and sculptures along with an intense collection of timeless artisans. Works from Picasso, Frank Stella and Joan Miro echo in the gallery and can be seen daily, but there's more. If you have a painting or piece of art, you aren’t sure of the origins this is a good resource for you.  Not only a spectacular gallery, they also provide services such as acquisitions, and sourcing.  The current exhibit displaying until February 20th of 2016 is that of Fernando Botero.  A sculpture and painter from Columbia, Botero is known for his style called “Boterismo".  This style represents people with exaggerated figures is part of his political satire. As a living international artist, it’s a delight to view such work from a skilled visionary.

Another place that will visually thrill you, will be that of Habatat Gallery Center located West of the I-95 freeway and south on Banyan Trail.  The center displays a diverse collection of glass and artifacts. These collectibles are crafted by several dynamic artists like Wendy Saxon-Brown and Bennett Bean.  For sale as well as display the collection will leave you bewildered by the beautiful colored glass and illuminating light. This gallery originally opened its doors in Dearborn, Michigan in 1971 and moved to Boca Raton in 1989.  This is an excellent place for those just starting a collection of colored glass or more advanced collectors. Either way, you'll have a glimpse of some incredible glass from local and artists abroad.

There are many choices if you're seeking art and want to find treasures from around the globe. You have a real variety with the many art festivals that occur each month.  

One very well-known international art event is Art Basel.  Art Basel hosts a yearly world premiere of leading and established artists. Collectors and galleries inspire with their displays attracting many walks of people looking to gain more insight into the incredible world of art.  This event caters to celebrities, curators and the artists themselves as a way to connect internationally. The show itself travels the art world in Basel, and Hong Kong besides Miami. This is one of Miami’s biggest art shows and attracts more than 200,000 people each year. A “Can’t Miss” experience, the show is perfect for those who enjoy the presence of people appreciating high-art and who love to exploit it.

Art Basel Miami

Whether you’re someone who's enjoyed painting or seeking a one of a kind piece for your luxury home, a day spent in the gallery will leave you with admiration for the artists.   No matter what the situation may be it’s a delightful way to spend the day and many of our country club residents plan this as a group trip.  You’ll have fun whether you choose to go in a group or spending a day in peaceful rooms of any gallery. We highly encourage you to take a visit one of our many galleries in Boca.

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