Boca Raton: Tower 155 condos

Boca Raton: Tower 155 condos

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You are curious about all the construction in downtown Boca Raton?

Click here to download the latest official report. This official report contains a lot of information!
Click here to download the Boca Raton Annual Report 2016 Downtown Property Owners Jean-Luc Andriot

Both the city officials and residents in the Boca Raton have a strong drive to enhance the community.  Community development is a structured intervention which gives communities greater control over the conditions that affects the lives they live.  Cities like Boca Raton are constantly looking for new ways to improve the downtown area.  Home owners benefit from the community involvement when it is thriving with business.  Programs like the Boca Raton Community Redevelopment Agency are dedicated to making Boca Raton one of the best communities in which to live or own a business. 

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