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Today the housing market has changed substantially compared to what it was like over ten years ago before the housing recession.  Clients are more cautious in the present time, which tends to lean toward more conservative choices.  The face of design/builds has changed to keep up with the present economical canvas. Decisions are made during inception of a project that involve key players such as builders to be a part of the planning phases. Unlike the architect firms in the 60's giving the builders a blueprint.  Once the blueprint was turned over it was out of the architect's hands. Now it's everyone's goal of the team to prevent disasters, costly mistakes and a waste of time.  In the luxury home market this theory of practice remains especially true.  Professionals like Affiniti Architects, PA have been designing elite properties for over thirty years and continue to be one of Boca Raton’s premier firms.

Whether you’re seeking to purchase a home or renovate the one you currently live in, you’ll want to find a reputable architectural firm that can accommodate you. More importantly, you’ll be seeking someone who has the skill to bring your vision to fruition.  Affiniti Architects, PA is a firm that has won several awards and is very well known in Boca Raton and Palm Beach County.  They’ve been involved in designing places like the Villa’s on Antique Row, located in West Palm Beach and have some of the most outstanding, elegant designs with their estate homes making them a leader in the luxury property terrene.

This firm has won several awards such as the Silver Award from the National Association of Home Builder’s and Best of Houzz for both Design and Services.

Their Lakeside Modern estate home design took the silver award from NAHB for “Best Architectural Design of a One of a Kind Home Custom or Spec”.  When you witness the details of this “one of a kind home” you know that the design was erected with perfection.

The Nationals facilitated by the NAHB evaluates entrants on such categories as sales, marketing and design.  Judges for this prestigious competition are professionals within the home building vertical.  They award both Gold and Silver winners.  Affiniti gave contestants a run for the finish line with innovative design. Through geometric placement, use of light and selection of texture, they make each home a calculated treasure for anyone with a jet-set life.  Each award given to Affiniti seems impressive. They seem to be visionaries with precise choices of materials, placements and functionality.

One of today’s top Internet home shopping and idea sites is that of Houzz.  The site has over 25 million visitors and determines the winners based on several categories including client reviews. The magazine is a leader in interior design, remodeling and of course architecture.  This firm is no stranger to “Best of Houzz” and has won both gold and silver in previous years for homes in Manalapan and Delray Beach Florida. As a multi-award winning firm, there’s no questioning why anyone would want to work with such a well-developed and professional team such as Affiniti.Houzz Logo

The awards aren’t the only thing this firm has the right to brag about.  Architect Huy Nguyen from Affiniti was recently featured in the (only) Boca Raton Magazine.  He describes his use of space, light and open floor plan that gives this home both function and beauty. Nguyen also points out that a home ceiling as a defining feature to the architecture.  This is an attraction that sometimes gets over or under looked in many cases!

The company itself focuses on areas such as Leed or Green Building.  They select resources such as wind and solar power, along with technology to enhance residential and commercial properties. The company adheres to the most up-dated sustainable energy standards.  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a high level certification process.

A LEED certified architectural firm ensures you're getting the property built with the right amount of supplies, that's green-friendly, but it also protects home residents from selected material that is hazardous to human living. Programs such as “LEED v4” protects occupants and their environments with a performance approach.

When it comes to LEED performance and building principles today, there's more involved in addition to construction and energy efficiency.  The way an occupant experiences the home or property, such as indoor air quality and moisture control are two important factors with LEED v4 certifications. This holds true in places throughout Southern Florida. Heat and humidity along with yearly closed windows can create harsh living conditions. A home that's built for creature-comforts along with incredible design are market trends. These are all elements involved in high performance homes.

You can rest assured that this team is taking every measure to strive for excellence when it comes to LEED building and design.  Affiniti has met the Gold Certification and qualifications with the United States Green Building Council for properties in Jupiter, Florida.  The Solaris Residences have a detailed home featuring many added solar elements.   The home is equipped with solar chimneys and a photo voltaic house monitoring system that strolls down innovation lane. These and many other designs are a step in a more ingenious use of materials while keeping the cohabitant enjoying the best quality of life.

LEED Certification Logo

Complete transformations happen when this design team goes to work on a renovation.  The same quality and execution is carried out whether they’re refreshing an existing design or starting from the beginning. You can see the personality of each of the properties listed on their website that show the diversity of style.  The variety of different projects from reviving a tower on top of a historic structure, to the expansion of a 4,000 square foot residence makes these guys champions in their field. They also have a long record to prove it.

Often times it’s difficult to find professionals that understand the longevity of the project existing long after the design/build crew leaves It’s the occupants that get to revel for years to come.  Architects in today’s design-build platform understand that homes need to meet today’s marketing demands and that's especially true of premier property buyers.  We can see that teams like Affiniti keep the client at the forefront of every project. You can also see by the many accolades they’ve received they're an outstanding firm to secure.  Affinity is one that you should keep your eye on, in a good way.

There are many outstanding architectural firms in and around Boca Raton, but do your due diligence and ask for referrals.  Remember that any custom homes or properties can take up a large majority of the time. Hire someone you feel will serve you with excellence in customer service.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a property, we’d like to speak with you. Call one of our Luxury Specialist’s at (561) 406-8880.

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