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Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Monday, July 22nd, 2019 at 2:01pm.

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Boca Raton’s Current Events for Residents and Future Residents

You and your realtor will have plenty to talk about with prospective buyers for your luxury condo. Boca Raton has a bright future where many of today’s current events will benefit homeowners and future residents. Look at all the incredible updates our beautiful city is announcing? Developing a more convenient railway to Porsche Parades, the area continues to impress and inspire.

Virgin Trains is Proposing a Stop for Brightline in Boca Raton

Out of 283 cities in the State of Florida, you can imagine how challenging it is to find a home to buy. However, if you’ve been looking for something where the land is upscale, and there’s plenty of activity, then Boca Raton should be at the top of your list. Another reason home buyer are seeking second and primary homes in the area is for its growth and economy, and it just got better. One very recent announcement that is sure to boost Boca Raton’s economic status is the possibility of a new station for the Brightline rail to be added just East of the public library. What this means for Boca Residents they are driving money into our local businesses and shops. Virgin Trains is a Richard Branson company where his vision is doing more than transportation. The goal of the project was to create a railway from Miami to Orlando. Also, people making the commute could expect to reach each point of the destination in about: 30 with speeds reaching up to 125 mph. However, sweet the proposed deal may seem, there are still plenty of hiccups with things like ticket sales and completion. The authorities will need to handle the issues before launching the train project. Of course, as some people will speak negatively regarding Brightline’s future, most Boca Ratonians are anticipating the milestone for adding the city as one of the stops. Nonetheless, the news on this topic is certainly something to watch.

The Porsche Parade is Currently Underway

Speaking of something to watch, the 2019 Boca Raton Porsche Parade is currently blessing our town with a dynamic event stretching from July 21st to July 26th. While registration for the competition is now closed, Boca Raton visitors and residents can still partake in the Porsche Club of America (PCA) annual celebration. This year the PCA is being hosted by no other than Boca Raton Resort & Club on the Concours. Just as Jay Leno’s event, the Concours d’Elegance, PCA will showcase some of the most impressive automobiles in town. People who have entered their beloved vehicles will help enlighten participants with plenty of activity. The itinerary includes an art show, parade, golf tournament and a racecourse sponsored by Michelin. Boca Raton residents will delight all the events centered around the annual car competition. It’s not surprising that our town is a hub for this nationwide event where participants can compete for awards. The prestigious event inspires our communities’ appreciation for the brand; it only makes sense officials would choose Boca Raton for the location. We’re very excited to see who this year’s winners will be!

Porsche Concours D Elegance Boca Raton for Jean-Luc Andriot blog 072219

Palm Beach International Brings a $7 Billion Impact on the Economy

From automobiles to airports, Palm Beach International has made the news again. The Boca Raton Tribune enlightened the public with an article describing the journalists visit the award-winning facility. One key sentence in the report that may pique homeowner’s interest is there’s a $7-billion impact on the local economy leading to positive results. One thing to note about this airport is its title of being in the top 10 Best Domestic Airports in the U.S. If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll appreciate the convenience of PBI if you live in Boca Raton. You’ll find the wait times in TSA, and ticket sale lines are not as crowded, and there are plenty of amenities such as coffee shops and convenience stores. Boca Raton residents give rave reviews about the international airport and the perks of having an alternative to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood. Future homebuyers will be happy to know they have multiple choices for their traveling needs.

The Mandarin Oriental is Heading to the Finish Line with New Construction Funds

Elsewhere in the news, The Mandarin Oriental will resume its construction after receiving a loan for $225 million. The luxury condominium complex will include 12-stories as well as exclusive perks for homeowners. A total of 92-homes will be up for sale after the build is complete, where residents will have access to Mizner Golf & City Club as well as athletic center and day spa. The project is something we’ve been anticipating for some time, and we’re happy to hear the news of the project’s financing to finish.

Technology Businesses Continue to Bless the Playing Field for Our City

Besides the progress on the Mandarin, the company SmartClixx is getting some attention as well. The company offers transaction processing and alternative payments to merchants. The credit card merchant company Zipline is now merging with SmartClixx to provide consumer solutions for retailers with mobile payment technology. It’s hard to know at this point if SmartClixx (a Boca Raton company) will leave our city due to the merger. But, this type of news is bragging rights for home sellers. Boca Raton is home for thousands of businesses, and technology is one we continue to see grow. Regardless, it is nice to know there is plenty of economic growth moving forward.

From Endangered to Nuisance, Boca Ratonians Combat the Iguana Population

And lastly, the quest to lower the number of iguanas in South Florida continues from Miami to West Palm Beach. The lizards also call Boca Raton home will now get an eviction due to the overpopulation of the reptiles. Besides the numerous species being a nuisance, they are also notorious for eroding infrastructure. Seawalls and sidewalks are affected by the animals from burrowing and creating unsafe conditions to foundations and canal banks. Also, the creatures cause salmonella risk as the species leaves droppings on docks, pool decks, and inside swimming pools. Besides, if you have a dog, these green lizards can cause health issues if they encounter or try to eat one. We’re happy to know Florida Fish and Wildlife is now allowing homeowners and residents to rid their yard of the animals. Once forbidden to kill, the beasts are now permitted as they need to control the population to prevent further problems.

In closing, you can see there’s always plenty of news spreading around Boca Raton. From lizards to Porsches on Parade, we’ve got it all. For those of you seeking a new home, we hope the news inspires you to take the plunge as this is one of the most sought-after cities in Palm Beach County to buy.

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