Best Ways to Sell Boca Raton Real Property

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Sunday, August 11th, 2019 at 8:09pm.

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Hiring a professional is your best bet considering there are so many components to the process. Not to mention, if you make the wrong move, you’ll end up in court rather than signing off on escrow. In this week’s articles, we focus on 7-home-strategies used by professionals as the best ways to sell your Boca Raton Property.

  1. Hire a professional photographer who owns 4K equipment.

Why 4K, you ask? Today’s smart tv’s and computers are all converting to 4K resolution. In the luxury market, you can be sure these customers own the newest equipment and want to look at crystal clear photos and video. If you hire a photographer on the cheap, you can expect to get C-H-E-A-P images. If you recall the last time you tried to view a video where the lighting was terrible, audio hurt your ears and the imagery is blurry, you most likely moved on. When professional realtors hire a photographer in the luxury market, they seek out the crème de la crème of photographers and videographers. Besides, with technology like Matterport 3D and virtual tours being the next level, agents are spending top dollar to help market their properties more effectively. The experienced realtor knows this isn’t a place to be frugal if they want to sell the listing fast. In other words, you may not want to rely on the Craigslist ad photographer who is trying to make a quick buck. Investing in a pro cameraman is vital to any luxury home sale.

  1. Get to Know Your Community. Brokers and Real Estate Agents alike have a superior connection with their communities.

They know the right people to stay in touch and where they need to market their properties. With the market being on a slow decline, it makes sense to work alongside someone who has a long run of creating relationships with people in the affluent markets. In a sense, the right agent will spend time on networking with other property buyers who can purchase or invest. Unless, you’re out in the neighborhood, on the golf course, attending the country club events, you may have a tough time finding prequalified homeowners to invest in your luxury condo.

  1. Time is of the Essence for Highly Recommended Agents.

If you think you can sell your home on your own without a realtor, think again. Time is of the essence where you will have to make yourself available for inviting someone to look at your home. Individuals who chose real estate as their career know and understand availability is necessary for showing properties. Moreover, open houses are a full weekend gig. If you aren’t willing to take the time to be there for prospects to view the home, you may find more value in hiring a professional where sales are their priority.

  1. Obtain All the Documents for Your New Buyer. 

People who are trained and licensed to sell real estate also know the essential documents that lead to a sale. Items such as disclosures, state laws, and regulations are all part of the paperwork. Make one small move with your content on a legal binding document, and you could be spending time in court rather than on the golf course. Be sure to speak with a qualified agent or real estate lawyer who knows every aspect of flipping a property.

  1. Your Safety is First! Bear in mind, open houses can frequently be targets for a criminal casing.

Thieves love to visit an open house to see how to break-in. While we aren’t trying to scare you, this is a reality. Seller’s agents who are hosting an open house will most likely invite hand-selected potential buyers. In addition, the agent can vet who enters a property and stay with them to help protect your valuables. Often, the realtor will ask for the visitor to present their pre-approval letter to ensure only legit buyers are entering a property. In other words, is saving on a commission by selling on your own worthwhile when it comes to safety?  

  1. Marketing Your Property is Crucial for Sales.

In addition to all the other tasks a real estate professional uses to sell a listing, marketing is on top. The individuals you’re looking to avoid hiring do all behind the scenes work such as managing on social media, placing the listing with a ‘killer’ description on the IDX and more. Frequently, the agents list in the paper and other media resources to ensure as many eyes in their specific market are seeing the listing. If you want to go FSBO, be prepared to market like crazy. If you don’t have a background in today’s marketing trends, you may wish to delegate to someone who does?

  1. Listing Your Property on the MLS is Key.

Realtors/Agents have exclusive access to Multiple Listing Service. This selling tool is a suite of services that is only available to qualified agents. If you’re looking to sell your home like a pro, then you’ll need to take a course and become a licensed agent in the State of Florida for you to list. In most cases, homeowners aren’t willing to do such a thing which points toward hiring someone who is more qualified.

If you’ve been thinking about cutting out the middleman to save a few bucks on selling your Boca Raton property, you’ll want to follow the steps outlined in this article. However, if you don’t have time, know the right people, and have access to the tools necessary to sell, then a realtor may be your solution?

Agents who are qualified to sell a property will help you by marketing, monitoring, and managing the sales process from A-Z. Smart businesspeople work with qualified agents making their lives less stressful and meeting the goal of selling the home.

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