Available Soon, Tesla’s Answer to Solar Roofing for Boca Raton and the Nation

Posted by Jean-Luc Andriot on Friday, January 27th, 2017 at 4:11pm.

Tesla Power RoofHow Do You Get a Solar Roof that Looks Better than a Regular Roof?
If you are living in a place such as Boca Raton, you’re somewhat used to hot weather. However, when it comes to record-breaking temperatures that are used for data each year to measure the global greenhouse effect, you may not think that the heat is just nature taking its course. While there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure you’re doing your part to conserve energy, Tesla has found an innovative way that goes above the average efficiency. Their solar tiles are preserving power with their latest invention, and it extends beyond just the functionality. In this week’s blog, we highlight how this technology will work and why you should think about switching to solar tiles.

When it comes to the word ‘Tesla,' you automatically think of electric or solar powered cars. Perhaps the reason why these battery-powered sports cars are the first thing that pops into your mind is that they are currently sold in thirty countries. Whether the production of these incredible roadsters is found in Australia to the United States isn’t the point. Tesla is a company that thrives on innovation and for a good reason and that’s to save the planet.

Besides winning the Best Car Award from Germany for the third year in a row, Tesla’s mission isn’t necessarily in manufacturing cars. It’s safe to say; their primary mission is to find ways to store energy. Their latest invention - solar roof tiles, will set precedence to other solar technology such as photovoltaic and other solar cells because of three key points.

The three most important advantages to these solar roof tiles are that they last longer, are less expensive to install and are more aesthetically pleasing than some significant obstruction mounted on top of your roof. But, perhaps the most important key to point out is these quartz glass tiles are 98% more efficient than other systems on the market today.

While the company makes a statement, their system’s goal isn’t to pilfer the energy companies’ purpose but to work with them on lowering Co2 emissions and reducing the use of Fossil Fuel. A joint effort is ongoing with both the auto manufacturer as well as other power companies to keep both local and utility power generations. Currently, Kauai, Hawaii, as well as Southern California Edison, are already using the system and it seems to be working out.

To clarify the company isn't getting rid of electric business, the solar tiles can’t work alone. There’s a 2.0 Battery Unit which Tesla title’s the “Power Wall.” The energy is stored in this large utility box are 45.3 in x 29.7 in x 6.1 in, and it only weighs 269 lbs. What’s more impressive than the dimensions are the energy stored which is 5kW and up to 7kW of continuous power. That’s enough energy to power a home entirely. The battery station is pricing at $5500, and in most cases, there are incentives offered by the energy companies that provide discounts on monthly and yearly bills. Who doesn’t love that?

For the luxury housing markets, time may still be necessary to see where these energy solutions will expand since the power stored can fuel a four-bedroom home. In the case where estates are constructed or designed with more than four bedrooms, this may not be the solution, just yet. However, Tesla is working closely with 3M to make the system along with the solar tiles more efficient.

3M is perfecting one of the primary materials the solar tiles are made which is the coating. These tiles are made of quartz and carry a solar cell inside each tile. What’s unique about this type of roofing, is from the street level, they look like regular tiles and are opaque where you can’t see through them. However, when the sun is shining the tiles are transparent allowing the tiles to capture the solar energy and then storing that power into the battery unit. During the daytime, when the sun is shining is when the tiles is working hard at capturing the insulation which is then distributed throughout the nighttime. While this is a simplistic solution, it's one that is brilliant nonetheless.

Brilliance is vital if it’s not disrupting what’s happening to our planet. Recent studies point out the obvious which is showing record high levels of CO2 over 404 ppm. The daily CO2 level for the month of January 2017, was as high as 407.29 ppm which is significantly more than the previous year at 404.8 ppm. Based on history, these numbers continue to rise and very little is being done to combat this continuance. Many signs point to previous home solar units as being costly in both installation and repair.

The use of quartz compared to asphalt, shingled and metal roofs are damage free and practically indestructible. If you’re looking to replace your roofing, you’ll be happy to know; Tesla is set to release sales of this material as early as this summer. Not to mention, if you’re considering replacing your roof, this is an excellent investment that looks beautiful and is combatting the global warming crisis.

At the same time, this material is used to save energy and last longer, there are four styles to choose from:
Textured Glass
Slate Glass
Tuscan Glass
Smooth Glass

With all the style, innovation and the remarkable durability of these roofs, we’re sure to see entire neighborhoods adhere to this renovation. Who wouldn’t think to follow a leading company’s path to creating a healthier planet? In addition to working closely with the energy companies and developing cutting edge products with environmental solutions, Tesla may have found another reason why sustainable energy should be on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Everyone should be concerned with preserving a more sustainable planet. It’s simple energy innovation can be affordable, beautiful and proceed to sustain a robust electrical grid without destroying the planet.

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